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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 43- Pirate Haven of Chaff



  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack is doting on the little guy like there's no tomorrow, digging through his pockets for any left-over jerky he might still have there, "I vote Mister Fusspot." Ooh, almost lost another finger that time. So cute!

    He's more than happy to let the μGriffon stay with him tonight, and/or until someone tells him off for having an animal destroying the cot. Not being the tidiest person himself he does not mind the mess.

    ((OOC: Jack is happy to tag along with Oak/the group, he's too preoccupied losing yet more fingers to be decisive right now))

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak watches Jack and Arno charge forward, and goes to take a step, but holds himself back. You can't keep them from every type of trouble. he thinks to himself. Shortly after, the pair come back, holding a small griffon in his arms. And now we apparently have a pet.

    Oak's interest in the griffon wanes quickly, similar to what he sees from Urixes. Arno and Jack can dote over the beast, Oak instead figures they should explore further before their nightly committments need to be met. "Might be wise to move our way back to the pirate encampment, give us a chance about our evening." Oak's eyes survey their surroundings given some of what was discussed with the lizard shaman they had left previously. Better to find a more private place for them to talk openly.

    OOC:Oak is suggesting Future Rough Pirate Encampment for the purposes of regrouping without probing ears (maybe)

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: A-okay with that. I have a question about Arno- what is the public knowledge of their nature (on the ship, I suppose)? Do they change shape often, or do they have a mainstay they default to (and what is it)?))

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    I always imagine Arno as generally changing to match the race and gender of whoever he's talking to, as a kind of empathy.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    You hike up a tall hill overlooking the Northern Coast of the island. It’s a steady slope all the way up to the top, and around you everywhere you can see crewmen from the Curse (The Fox Gang, Calvin Jenkins, Killian are among them) setting up tents, lean-tos, and makeshift canopies out of bedsheets. Some of them just lay out on blankets, staring up as the sky begins to go dark. The cool breeze gently brushes past your face.

    The very top of the hill has been curiously left available. It’s a spot your group could be more or less in private, although why it’s still available you can’t imagine…from up here, you can get a good view of nearly everything : the Manager’s Cabin off to one side, the Whispered Curse far down in the water in the other, and the Rak’Ta village laid out entirely for you to see. Green dots in the village move and unpack crates, begin setting up bonfires, and laying out tables. You can even see what you can be pretty sure are Reynard and Jonas, leaning out over the railing of his Cabin’s deck.

    You hear some of the crewmen below you tell each other to hush…to watch out, to look now here it comes . Just as the sun sets over Villam, a strange phenomenon begins to occur in the sky…


    *This* must be some sort of effect from the Paling… the strange light twists and turns, looking completely different from one moment in time to the next. Across the whole island, people of all types watch the eerily glimmering lights in awe…

    [Your character has a brief vision of something within the lights…*maybe a memory, maybe a vision, maybe a message.* Maybe it was just a strange optical illusion and you’ve been up to long. Regardless of it’s nature, the vision will also grant Inspiration to anyone who doesn’t currently have it!]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    edited October 2020
    As they crest the top of the hill and see the temporary encampment, Oak takes a moment to take in their surroundings. The encounter with the Shaman has him on edge, and while this island should be a bit of a vacation, he is worried that the events on the ship have somehow followed them here. Still, the gentle breeze gives a moment of peace as he stares across the island. And then it happens, a quick commotion from the crew, and then silence. Oak looks up again, his eyes now watching the sunset, the twisting light dancing across his pupils. And then, he remembers.....

    It's a warm day, and his feet feel the soft grass beneath them, each step a light brush against his toes. He had just come from the ceremony, a gathering where young shifters select the beast spirit that they would bond with. He had selected the Bear, a force that would grant him protection and strength. He was proud, and as he felt the workings of his spirit building, he felt a calm confidence fill him. His village was small, but he was the only one who had chosen the Bear, the others had sought the faster or pack oriented spirits. He touched his fangs, wondering if they had started to change already, knowing it was too fast for his appearance to shift but still holding the excitement of youth in what would come.

    Oak closed his eyes and smiled, the memory a happy reminder of childhood, a time before trials and tribulations of life barged their way in. In this moment, with this light, he was able to truly enjoy a fleeting moment of peace, a calm serene moment in time that eased the burdens of the past few weeks, even if only temporarily.

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  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Looking at the sky, Arno's mind went were it always did when confronted with nature's majesty. The squirrel.

    Arno can still see it, clear as an oil painting in a museum. The red silky fur. Piercing blue eyes. Antlers like a crown upon it's head. Of course everyone thinks it's a tall tale, but Arno saw it. Heard it laugh as it ran among the branches, changing from squirrel to martin to wolf to owl, as easy as Arno could change hair color.

    But as she neared a stick broke, and the squirrel ran. Arno had called out "wait, I want to be friends. How can I see you again?"

    And as the squirrel ran into the deep woods, Arno could hear it's reply on the breeze.

    "Just act like a nut."

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack is blindly following the group, not really paying attention as he's fussing with his angry little charge, finally realising something is up when the world goes quiet. He looks around, then follows everyone's gaze up into the sky.

    Well that's new. A band of colour stretches across the sky, with another below it, the two moving and swaying out of sync just enough to be clearly separate, though the exact line between them remains unclear. The colours looks familiar to him, almost nostalgic if one can say such a thing about colour, and then it hits him- this is what the world looked like when he was a wolf.
    His eyes follow the band as it arcs across the sky and disappears behind the distant treeline and the band appears to curve, the very end of it bending up, the separation parting to reveal a flash of pale white-

    "OW!" He's brought back by Mister Fusspot hanging off a finger, clearly intent on freeing him from yet another digit, "Ah-ah-ah, leggo, leggo... you little monster you." He gently taps the griffon's head, careful to avoid the subsequent CHOMP! and looks up once more at the sky that now just looks like an aurora with its usual array of colours. Must've imagined it.

  • SleepSleep Registered User regular
    Remembering the auroras of this place from the last time he was here, truly a sight to behold, and his fish dumplings for this evening's repast already prepared and ready for the frying Michael makes his way up from the galley to the deck of the curse.

    "Right on time", he looks up with the rest of the crew, and in the lights of the sky sees salmon swimming in a stream of amber, as he watches this vision of fish swimming through the sky he whispers to himself "salmon, in honey wine, with garlic butter and lemon". As the vision fades into auroras he pulls out a notebook and begins writing down a new recipe.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes, finally having something in the distance to actually stare at, lets his mind wander into the shifting lights, taking the opportunity to let go of his tension and constant feeling of dread. For a few moments he's free, floating far above the endless cycle that he's been bound to for so long. He looks down at a peaceful sea, a gentle breeze playing across lazy waves that no longer hide the promise of destruction and pain that has haunted him for lifetimes. "I'll be free of all this someday," he says quietly, not realizing that he's speaking out loud, "Someday I'll win."

    As quickly as the vision began, it ends, the feeling of an icy tentacle around Urixes' throat pulling him back to the ground, out of the warmth of the aurora. He sighs, the taste of saltwater in his mouth.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    [Your first day on island was not the break you thought it would be, but you've learned much. Each member of the party gains 50 Experience]


    This cabin is luxurious, almost overly so. All of it is built on a grand scale, using an obviously imported sort of redwood. An elaborate, carved railing leads you up a flight of stairs to the main entrance. There is a large square deck just outside the front door (probably 50 by 50 feet wide). In this area, a beautiful, massive dark oak wooden table sits, with matching long benches and chairs at the ends. This dining space directly overlooks the Rak’Ta village: from where you stand now, you can very clearly make out the Pit, and see the Rak’Ta talking, scuffling, eating all over the place. Over some of the fires, you can see huge spits with massive hunks of meat or seafood cooking on them. In rare places, pirates you recognize from the ship watch the whole thing, most treating it as a kind of bizarre spectacle.

    Jonas warmly welcomes you as you reach the top of the stairs, clapping your hand between both of his as his greets you once again. “Properly, this time!” he makes sure to add. “Welcome, welcome friends! Grab a seat, please! Your spots have already been assigned.” He motions to a Rak’Ta female who is standing near the table. “Eketi, here can grab you whatever you would like to drink! We have *many* varieties of wine in my cellar. We have water, we have liquors! Please, feel free to simply ask!”

    The rest of the guests have already arrived. When he sees you, Reynard immediately comes over on his cane to greet your group. “Enjoying the island? I’ve *always* loved it here…something about the air…already feeling nearly myself again! I wanted to make good on my promise from earlier…, Jonas has helped me come into my own again.” He leans over and whispers. “In more ways than one, you’ll soon find. Consider this but a token of my gratitude…” [Everyone receives 100 GP]

    Bern and Eilibis arrive just behind you lot. It looks like some of the new recruits have joined their band as well! They all come up on the deck carrying their instruments, and find a place to set up on the edge of the deck. As Eketi the Rak’Ta woman comes around to take your drink order, the band begins to play…

    [Around the table, lively discussion occurs:]

    - Captain Arabella is asking Jonas questions about something called the "Sanguine Seeker". It apparently was a very famous ship, specifically associated with the Expanse. Jonas is less of an expert on this history than he is of the Rak'Ta, but still seems to be a wealth of knowledge on this subject, and many others (although, the man certainly does love to hear himself talk...). Ari is thrilled to see Oak, pulls out his chair for him as he approaches. "See you brought them back and Jack isn't missing any pieces. Good work!"

    - Reynard, seated nearby, seems to be *incredibly* uninterested in their conversation. Instead, he is trying to "play" with a rather sickly looking Constance at the other end of the group by conjuring an illusion of Pretty Kitty that struts across the table. This cat rolls along the middle of the engagement, paws impossibly at people's drinks. Constance's eyes follow, and she seems quietly delighted. The cat in her lap looks equal part annoyed and offended. Pretty Kitty looks across the table as Arno goes to sit, and begins to growl softly...

    - Marlowe and Iron Mike are discussing how tonight's skyline effect was actually something written about in the map. Apparently it's a physical as well as a visual occurrence... something about the Paling roiling, renewing itself. Fields shifting. Valtari the Quartermaster, seated nearby, wonders aloud about the Lizardfolk's renewal ceremony, whether the two things may be related. Governor Mitchum sits quietly, says nothing, but he seems to be following along intently. From across the table he watches as your group arrives and sits. His eyes seem to come over Urixes, and he does a sudden (almost imperceivable) double take. But then Constance asks him if she can have some wine, and he looks away to leans over to chastise her.

    - Behind Mitchum and separate from the dinner party are all three brothers Edgar, standing guard over the VIPs from nearby. They gave your group a long once over as you came up the stairs just now. They specifically gave a second glance to Jack.


    M- Jonas, The Manager

    R- Baron Reynard

    CA- Captain Ari

    O- Oak

    U- Urixes

    J- Jack

    A- Arno

    V- Valtari

    IM- Iron Mike

    MM- Marlowe the Magnificent

    C/P- Constance/Pretty Kitty

    GM- Governor Mitchum

    ALSO IN ATTENDANCE NEARBY: Bern, Eilbis, Michael, Eketi, The Brothers Edgar

    [Michael and Eketi will be serving dinner shortly]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    At the pirate encampment, Arno has an idea.

    "You know, rich folk tend to love their exotic pets, we should bring Mr. Fusspot with us! His adorable little face is sure to make everyone fall for him. Isn't that right Mr. Fusspot? Jack, stop feeding him your fingers, I'm staring to worry he'll get a taste for you. Here Mr. Fusspot, wouldn't like some nice sardine?"

    Unless someone would like to talk her out of it, Arno will bring Mr. Fusspot (with full belly) to the party and show him to Reynard and Constance. Would keep him in my or Jack's arms the whole time and at least 10 ft away from that horrible cat at all times. Mr. Fusspot can't fly, so what's the worse that can happen?

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Reynard is as utterly enchanted with Mr. Fusspot as Jack and Arno were. He reaches over to pet it before catching himself and pulling his hand back. "What a brilliant little fellow! Yes, I've seen these here before...they're migratory creatures, you know...and it can be easier to be migratory here than in some other places, especially if you have wings! Well, appears to be...the one wing, in any case. Yes, unfortunately that happens a lot with this species. They easily get into fights over territory, mating...even the *act *of mating itself is rather dangerous! They're as vicious towards each other as they are to their enemies, you see..."

    Constance gives the prescence of Mr. Fusspot maybe the first *real* smile you've seen her have. "I like things that fly," she says to Arno quietly. Pretty Kitty's growl turns into demented mewling...she goes to get up and climb her way out of Constance's lap and onto the table. Constance's hand goes to pull out a necklace she keeps hidden under her dress. "Down girl," she quietly tells the necklace. A matching collar around Pretty Kitty's neck glows a faint blue from beneath...Pretty Kitty quiets, returns still simmering to Constance. Constance pets the moody thing.

  • SleepSleep Registered User regular
    "Ahem!", Michael calls the table to attention as a few crew and lizard folk make their way up onto the deck carrying large covered trays with them.

    As they set the trays down into metal frames and depart he begins, "This evening we have a meal prepared by myself, Carlee Burrows, and Eketi", he begins removing covers from the individual trays, "my personal addition as the first of these courses are whitefish rangoons". Michael begins quickly plating a few rangoons and bringing them to each guest. After about the third plate goes out you see Michael wave his hand a couple of times to send bolts of fire under the other two trays to light small lanterns there.

    As the service of the appetizer finishes and the guests are enjoying the savory rangoons, he uncovers the next two trays simultaneously, under the one a steaming tray of mushrooms simmering in a dark liquid, under the other a heaping pile of what looks decidedly like ribs, but not from any cow you've ever seen. Much too large for that. "The next course will consist of ribs prepared in the rak'ta style by our wonderful Eketi", as he gestures towards Eketi still delivering drinks to the guests she makes the slightest of bow of her head, seemingly less for the guests and more an acknowledgment of Michael's show of respect as he continues on, "Basted with my personal favorite hoisin sauce. This will be paired with mushrooms and onions seasoned and marinated in shoyu by Ms Carlee Burrows for your enjoyment,". As the guests finish their rangoon Michael plates up an entree and brings it to them.

    At some point in this process he comes by and sets down two small plates of meat, one of fish for Pretty Kitty, and one of shaved rib meat for Mr Fusspot. As he sets down the plate of rib meat he addresses the Wild Bunch directly. "I hear you folks keep getting yourselves into interesting trouble out there", reaching to pat Mr Fusspot, but looking at jack's fingers and thinking better of it going with merely an indication towards him. "When you finish up here come and see me, I've got some potent potables that can probably help you out there", he quickly presents a flask full of crimson liquid before pocketing it and returning to serving the meal.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    [Those who partake of this Feast will (one hour afterwards) increase their HP maximum by 2d6, and gain the same number of HP, for twenty-four hours.]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
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    Jack is entirely on board with bringing their new party member with them! "I told you, I'm not feeding him my fingers, he just... likes to nip." The bit of blood on the griffon's beak suggest they're more than nips, the little thing seems to have caught on that Jack will tolerate almost anything from it and is taking advantage of it.

    ((OOC: Jack is me with cats...))

    Ooooh, fancy! This is by far the most impressive room Jack has ever been in and he ends up being hurried along by others as he keeps gawping at this and that. When sat down he notices Pretty Kitty and looks worried, trying to look as small as possible... he has had no end of bad experiences with cats in the past. He suspects they instinctively know what he is and has never met one that didn't at the very least dislike him. There was this fluffy tomcat that spent all its days sleeping in the sun and getting pets from strangers; when he attempted to pet it the cat turned into a cloud of claws and teeth and chased him several streets before giving up.

    His fears are quickly banished by the one thing Jack cares about more than almost anything else- food! Dishes vanish almost as soon as they are plated and, when Oak beside him pauses eating to answer a question he's quick to pounce on the opportunity, "You done with those?" Hopeful grin.

    Despite his careless nature he's making sure Mister Fusspot is comfortable and fed almost subconsciously, enduring any nips that come with the territory. When Arno expresses concerns over the vicinity of Miss Kitty Jack hands the griffon over to the druid across the table, barely noticing the departing bite! from the critter.

    Full (well, fuller, he is a bottomless pit), Jack listens to the conversation happening beside him with interest, addressing Iron Mike, "This effect, does everyone... see the same thing? It didn't quite feel... Real."

    [edit] ((OOC: Since I'm off to bed, if people at some point break off to return to Dux assume Jack is coming with~))

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  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
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    "Well," Iron Mike hesitates for a second, wipes sauce from his hands into a napkin. "... you're actually a lot more right than you may think on that. It *isn't* Real... least, not in a strict "here and now" sort of sense of the word. We believe it's a Planar Intrusion. Sort of like, a bit of a boat leak, *between* places?"

    Marlowe continues the thought. "We believe that in *some* places, the area between our world and... somewhere else, is thinner. It's not a currently trackable phenomenon...the rifts move themselves *constantly*, as the Paling regenerates and keeps whole. What you're glimpsing between the lights is a...well, our best conjecture thus far is that it's an *intelligence* of some sort, reaching out to us...."

    "That's some rough *effing* conjecture right there, my friend," Iron Mike chides him.

    "...Well, it's a theory anyway. *My* theory." Marlowe turns back to Jack. "Everyone sees something different in the lights. Some people see the same thing everytime they glimpse them. Some people have a different vision every time. Some are nonsense, and some can seem prophetic, or as if something is picking your brain. But everybody sees something there, it can't be denied."

    "Hey Marlowe, what do you see in there?" Asks Mike as he nibbles some dumplings.

    Marlowe answers somberly. "A pineapple."

    "Eh,wot...that's it? Everytime?"

    "I see a pineapple. Every. Single. Time." Marlowe rubs his temple with both hands, sighs at this odd revelation. "It is... frustrating, to say the least."

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "She commands it" Arno whispers to himself. Had Pretty Kitty been a normal cat, this would have been an amazing feat, but the creature Arno has come to know is far beyond normal. Perhaps it is not Pretty Kitty, but Constance who should be watched. Which is a bit disappointing, but maybe Constance is actually a pile of snakes, so this could still get interesting.

    During a time they are more out of earshot, Arno updates Reynard. "So, it seems an evil snake god is the one trying to kill you. Does Sess'innek ring a bell? I feel like the Dark Glen might have some connection, but more info is better."

    Arno reflects a moment "Oh, and I've become less suspicious of Pretty Kitty. I think she may just be a cat's paw."

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    Oak finds himself extremely uncomfortable at this table. Fancy dinners and forced socializing aren't his idea of a pleasant meal, he'd rather be down below deck with the crew or gathered round a fire swapping tales. He is at least happy to find himself down at the end of the table away from Mitchum and close enough to Jack to hopefully rein him in tonight.

    He return the captain's greeting, "He tried his hardest to make that difficult." Oak says as he motions to the creature Jack is holding.

    And then the food arrives. Oak may not be comfortable here but he is willing to admit the choices are far better than he would get. The aromas cause his mouth to salivate as the plates are prepared. He started to dig in, finding himself losing his surroundings until a momentary pause found Jack inquiring "You done with those?"

    Oak looked him dead in the eyes and pulled the food up to his mouth to take another bite slowly, before turning back to his plate.

    AustinP0027 on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC:I really hope our entire campaign becomes a revolving commentary of "maybe X is actually a pile of snakes"

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    At the glaring Oak, "...well I guess that's a no. Right? No?" Pause. "No then." He turns to talk to Mike and is enraptured with his tale, absent-mindedly tries to take a piece of food from Oak's plate instead of his own and narrowly avoids a fork through his hand.

    "That's so strange. I wonder what Rak'Ta see, to make some of them stay here all their lives. This... phenomena," The word is said in four distinct syllables, "Is just here on Villem? Or will we see more deeper in the Expanse?" Thought. "Does the pineapple get bigger closer in?"

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "Do you suppose the rifts might be linked to time, and not just space?" Urixes asks, listening intently to the conversation of the phenomenon. "Could one perhaps see not just the past or whatever dreams may be in their minds at the time, but the future?"

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
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    At the mention of Sess’innek, Baron Reynard drops his drink as he holds it. Governor Mitchum looks over briefly, but Reynard waves him away dismissively, wordlessly blaming his clumsiness, as he leans over to clean the spill with a cloth napkin. As he wipes up the mess, he leans over and whispers to Arno (Urixes can also overhear this whispered message):
    “Yes, *it rings a bell*, Arno. But you can’t just…please be careful where and how you say that name, *here*, do you understand? This is for your own protection, as well as mine. And the Dark Glen…what secrets have you gleamed already, child? Yes, there is a connection…you heard them talk of the rifts, just now? Well, not *all* of them move. can always find. We…I mean, I… he’s looking, we need to stop, just, be careful, my friend…”

    Iron Mike answers Jack’s question. “Oh no, it’s *everywhere* out here! Honestly, it’s gonna be a downright hazard, the further on in…”

    Captain Arabella sharply cuts in from across the table. “Mike.

    Iron Mike shrugs, finishes off his dumpling. “…I appreciate that this is a “your ship, your rules” sorta deal, ma’am, but some things these guys are gonna *have* to learn sooner or later, right?...Yeah?...So, yeah, further on in, if we en’t careful, you’ll get to see them lights up *REAL* close, but…well, we need to keep the *hell* out of them! God even knows what would happen to us, to the the ship…”

    Marlowe to Jack, in embarrassment: “The very same pineapple, young man. Just…a sight of the same pineapple, everytime. And, personally, I’ve only been as far as the Queen’s Lair….that is, the Isle of Chaff, apologies…apologies, Governor…” At the mention of Chaff and “The Queen”, Mitchum has turned his malevolent gaze to bear directly upon Marlowe right now, with an unseen stare that still screams “death”.

    The table collectively holds it’s breath. Mitchum, after about five seconds, slowly takes another bite.

    Obviously grateful for Urixes’s changing the topic, Marlowe attempts to course-correct. “That’s the concept, YES! The same way it slips in here and distorts reality…well, conceivably, it works the other way. The issue is that...*urp*…oh dear, excuse me….well, we have *so few* REAL case studies. So many people who come in to the Expanse and experience this, you understand, simply don’t come back…”

    Valtari has been staring down at her plate this whole conversation (in an obvious discomfort, to anyone who was looking in her direction). “…I….I *met* myself. Once. Here.” The statement is almost a whisper. She takes an awkward swig of her drink.

    Your drink begins to shake on the table OOC: (Jurassic Park/T-Rex style). "Ahh!" Jonas says, obviously excited. "It's almost time! The Festival is about to properly begin!" Out from near the Elwood, around the far western part of the island, two absolutely gigantic shapes emerge and begin to slowly make their way towards the Pit, the island quaking with their every step...atop their backs, you see Rak'Ta riding, ten to each body...


    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak had been pointedly ignoring Jack, protecting his plate and the food on it. He heard bits of conversation around him, but didn't venture into joining any of them, still uncomfortable with this large social and formal gathering. He picks up the tension that appears to emanate from the Governor, and thanks his stars again that he wasn't seated on that end of the table. But, as he continues to eat, he notices the shaking of the table, his eyes focused more on his plate than the others. He looks around confusedly until Jones speaks up, which draws his attention outward. Captivated by the two large figures that had emerged, Oak can only utter two words softly, "Holy shit."

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Troubled by Reynard's reaction, Arno goes quiet and keeps her attention on mister fusspots (who is getting spoiled on this food). But as the ground shakes, Arno's spirit soars.

    " There are dinosaurs! Wait, there are dinosaur rides and no one told me?! If I run down there now, will I still have a chance to ride one?"

    Reynard mentioned "he's looking", can I tell who is looking?

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    OOC: Baron Reynard was concerned that the Governor may have overheard you, and that your whispered conversation was drawing his attention.

    "Yes indeed, you will!" laughs Jonas. "There's actually a competition that takes place...I believe they're about to set it up now...where they let you up onto its tail, and the Spinosaurus will *fling* you out to sea. Furthest distance wins a prize, and of course, members of the local authorities are out there in boats, ready to bring you back safely!"

    "...yes, as to that," the Governor sits forward. "*The local authorities*.This will be the last year they are here to provide that particular service. They will all be departing with us when we leave this place. My guardianship of your pets is officially over." The band stops playing.

    Jonas is very shaken and confused. "But...sir? The agreement...our situation here has not changed! Three months from now, Karna will be just across the Maw, and the raiding parties..."

    "...are no longer my concern, Jonas. I had wished to wait until *after* the Festival, to inform them. You may depart with us of course, if you wish. In a year's time, the interim Governor may be amenable to the needs of this place. But I have need of my men. For greater purposes than babysitting a dying pack of savages." The Governor swirls his wine. "Far Aeston has more than fulfilled it's end of the bargain, as far as I'm concerned, these past twenty years."

    "But, Robert..." Reynard pleads. "Please be reasonable... you're leaving these people here to die..."

    "They're *not* people. And if they're all strong enough, they'd survive, yes? Isn't that the thing they tell themselves?" The Governor turns towards your group. "You lot have only been on ship with these creatures for a week. I've been around them my entire want to see, what they really are? Go to the Festival. Watch them *tear each other apart*. And then tell me that that's a culture which needs preservation."

    Captain Arabella immediately pushes her chair out, throws her napkin to the table, and storms off, shoving through the Edgar boys as she leaves. Valtari follows right behind her. Jonas and Reynard stare at each other in surprised shock. Everyone else present is varying amounts of mortified....

    OOC: The nice meal has been properly ruined. I'm assuming your group is leaving here for the Festival, unless you have any more business to attend to at the dinner. I'll be throwimg up the Festival later this evening (sorry Jack!). Also, your 24 your HP bonuses:
    Geth roll 2d6 for Arno
    Geth roll 2d6 for Jack
    Geth roll 2d6 for Oak
    Geth roll 2d6 for Urixes

    2d6 8 [2d6=5, 3]
    2d6 6 [2d6=3, 3]
    2d6 9 [2d6=3, 6]
    2d6 2 [2d6=1, 1]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    would throwing a drink or pie at the governor be an instant death, or just a "my word" type of reaction?

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack is stuffing himself with the last of his plate, nodding to Iron Mike, then to Marlowe. There's absolutely no way of telling how much of what's being said is actually going through, but he's giving them his full attention. Yes, closer, but not too close to the pineapple, got it.

    He only stops (well, pauses) chewing when the entire ships begins to vibrate, his eyes widening at the sight. This is the best thing he has EVER seen. He blindly grabs for more food, eyes on the prize, "...whoah." Swallow.

    His dream of flying through the air, propelled by dinosaur, is interrupted as the little drama between the Governor and, well, everyone else, begins playing out. Now this is his element. He's back in his chair, grinning like a cat that's just eaten the canary and following the verbal ping-pong. If someone stormed out this would be perf... YES, IT'S HAPPENING! The world is Jack's soap opera.

    ((OOC: As mentioned before, he'll tag along to the festival/Dux meeting. He is totally down with getting launched to his doom if given the opportunity, of course))

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    The Rak'Ta village is alive with the sights and sounds of the Festival. People you recognize from the ship eat, drink and are merry. Most treat this as an exotic sideshow, but more than a few seem fairly impressed by the whole thing. The Rak'Ta from your ship mingle with their brethren, but are wary: you can easily identity them as they huddle together uncomfortably; engage slowly with their cousins. The native Rak'Ta all bustle about with a pronounced showman-like aplomb, dressed in feathers and bones and elaborate paints. You start to get the sense that the Festival, a renewal ceremony for the tribe, is at least partly used to separate tourists and their GP. There's a lot around here to look at...


    - They're flinging people into the sea from the tail of one of the Spinosaurus. There's a harness strapped around to hold onto, and people are getting tossed a *pretty good* distance out there. Small boats, a single lantern shining on each, row near the landing zone, making sure no one gets hurt...
    - There's an exotic weapons dealer, hawking some strange and dangerous looking wares. He has one eye, and is the largest Rak'Ta you have ever laid eyes on.
    - A Rak'Ta female is putting on a fire blowing demonstration. She takes a deep swig from a unique gourd...snorts once, and then spits out a ball of flame, which sets ablaze a straw man target set up nearby. The fire breather eagerly attempts to hand the gourd to nearby tourists, pantomiming how easy that just was...
    - Another female Rak'Ta is giving tattoos, but strangely not to just anyone. You've seen her turn at least a handful of people down, to their obvious offense. It's clear to see why too, she does some very quality work.
    - In one particularly deep and narrow mud pit, a large cage has been laid out at one end. From above, the Rak'Ta release a catch, and a ram bursts forth towards a challenger. The challenger must attempt to catch the Ram and force it back into it's cage, before being mauled or trampled. The ram has only lost the once so far, but many a challenger gets dragged out of the mud, half trampled...
    - The Pit has been turned into a makeshift Gladiatorial arena. Crewmen fight willing Rak'Ta, and occasionally each other, in non-fatal duels. Non fatal, but 100% dangerous...geez, that one just lost an arm. Some are here to fight for prizes...some, simply to watch the violence. Apparently, the Main Event is to happen here later. From overhead, the other Spinosaurus sways and watches, a mascot of the event.

    Dux is nowhere to be seen, nor her mate Vuurot. You do recognize the Rak'Ta male from the Wooded Basin, haunting the corners of the party like a mournful ghost. You also recognize one more Rak'Ta here: Rax the Ravishing walks among the party, charming both natives and those from the boat with equal ease, floating from group to group, treating each encounter like a meeting with an old friend.

    OOC: The Main Event will bring the party together later, but in the meantime everyone feel free to do what you'd like, on your own or together, and explore the Festival!

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak had been happy to stay away from Mitchum at first because the man reeked of snobbery, the likes of which the barbarian knew he would be annoyed by. But, as the conversation suddenly changed, and Oak found that there were now other reasons he couldn't stomach the mans presence. His hands clenched in fists, he forced himself to keeps his lips shut for fear of getting himself in deeper trouble.

    As he wandered the festival, Oak decided that for a night he would let the others explore on their own for a bit. He would hunt them down before the night was over, but he was giving them some space and himself a little relaxation by releasing himself from the role he had put himself in.

    The festival had all sorts of sights and sounds, attractions and revelry but Oak found himself watching the group be trampled by a Ram. Again and again people found themselves run over. Oak laughs and shakes his head, before heading over to the group running this little game. "So what're the stakes? Or do these fools do this only for their pride?"

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno's blood boils. Everything turns hazy, as all he can see is the governor, all she can hear is his hate. As others turn to watch the captain storm off, Arno grabs a bucket of ice water that was chilling a bottle of liquor. Taking out the bottle, Arno walks up in the confusion and dumps the freezing liquid on the Governor's head

    "You are a parasite, living of the work of others, and I will not listen to this slander of a proud people. Come mister fusspots!"

    Even the micogriffan doesn't resist, seemingly understanding this is a serious exit.

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    At the festival, the party melts from her brain. She and Jack wander with their pet, and eventually make their way to Spinnk'ploo, or Tail Fling in the common tongue.

    Arno pushes Mister fusspots to Jack. "Watch the little one, I must meet my destiny."

    Arno looks over at the spinosaurus. "Rack, grrr, snrrk."

    For dinosaur ears only
    Throw me extra hard, and I'll make it worth your while.

    Arno is gonna beeline to the dinosaur to get thrown, and at the top of the arc wild shape into something light and aerodynamic. Like a cat or even a flying squirrel. I can't change into any thing with a flight speed, but can possibly glide?"

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 2020

    The Rak'Ta running the Ram pit give a rowdy *hurrah* to their brave new challenger! They tap a beautifully painted sign that reads "2-to-1" (You can put up whatever amount of money you would like here...if *you* win, they'll double it. But they haven't done a lot of losing tonight...)

    OOC: Athletics check here to mud wrestle the Ram back into it's cage. A 16 or better wins the day!


    The Rak'Ta running the Spinosaurus toss assist Arno atop the Dinosaur's tail. Spinnk'ploo involves a harness near the back end, and the dinosaur having been expertly trained...upon your safe mounting, it's tail will give a one, two, three... increasing the speed and strength of the windup each time, as it *swings* you over the cliffside and waters. On "three" it will give you the full pitch...when and how you let go and dismount is how you get the *REAL* distance, here...

    OOC: Arno gets an applied bonus on this roll, and can roll the dismount from their Animal Handling skill. A Dexterity roll will determine your subsequent efficiency transforming and gliding mid-air. RP as you will- the only way the DM could see interfering with "dinosaur amusement park ride" would be upon critical fails

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    edited October 2020
    The Spinosaurus rumbles deeply and happily as Arno locks into the mounting. Clearly it favors the changling, and Arno is certain to set a new record.




    Hurtling through the sky, the cold wind pulling tears from her eyes, Arno feels himself reach the highest point of the sky. "Now, for my secret weapon." Poof...Arno's form changes to that of a flying squirrel, ready to coast on the winds to...HEY! Arno isn't gently floating, he's stopping like she hit a wall. No, no, no I don't want to go this way.
    Maybe if I tuck my tail...nope, don't tuck the tail, don't tuck the ...


    Arno hits the water, and looks about. He's lucky, in that she hit water. She's unlucky in that she's barely 15 feet past the coast. So much for the record.

    EDIT: Rolled first then did description. Friggn' ones man.

    Geth roll 1d20+3 for Handle the dino pitch

    Geth roll 1d20+2 for Dex to change

    Handle the dino pitch:
    1d20+3 17 [1d20=14]
    Dex to change:
    1d20+2 3 [1d20=1]

    zekebeau on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 2020
    OOC: If it's any consolation, a ladder has been pinned up nearby this particular cliff within 20 feet of Arno. It's the location the boats bring participants back to so that they may immediately rejoin the Festival afterwards...Arno and Jack may exchange Mr. Fusspot between them when Jack is ready for his turn on the Dino-Pitch

    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Fe-sti-val! Fe-sti-val! Jack is getting dragged along by Arno like a kid in a candy store, eyes wide and wanting to do everything. But no, first the really important part- getting launched by a dinosaur. He gives an audible whine when his companion goes first, consoling himself by petting the griffon and hopping from foot to foot in anticipation.

    As they return Jack gives Arno a grin and returns the fusspot, "I bet I can beat that!" He rushes forward, barely listening to the instructions and grinning from ear to ear in anticipation, "This is going to be greaAAAA-".

    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Tail Fling

    Tail Fling:
    1d20+3 18 [1d20=15]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Well, it's not the most elegant of launches. Jack had ignored the instructions and is now tumbling head over heels into the distance, however it's not a half-bad one at that! His whoop! is cut short when he lands in the ocean with a loud sploosh and a tall ploom of water, looking somewhat bruised by very excited upon his return, "I win!" Score one for the wolf.

    Shaking some remaining water out of his ear he looks around, "Where to next... oooh, wanna get tattoos? I've never gotten one, but I had this buddy that was covered in them, looked like he was wearing a painting, it was great."

    Barely waiting for a reply he heads for the Rak'Ta.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    edited October 2020
    Oak nods and puts down 25 gold, confident in his strength. He walks into the pit, digs his feet into the mud a little to get his footing, and nods at the handler to open the cage.

    The Ram charges forward, and Oak gets his hands on it and grunts as he pushes back. He feels a stalemate form, but just as he is about to shove again, he feels a foot slip beneath him. Before he can correct it, he splays down in the mud, and feels the hooves of the Ram trample over him.

    OOC: Damn you Geth.

    Geth, roll 1d20+5 for Ram Grab

    Ram Grab:
    1d20+5 9 [1d20=4]

    AustinP0027 on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    As Arno climbs back up onto the mainland, some nearby Rak’Ta you recognize from the ship go over to poke them and make sure they’re not damaged. One of them even throws Arno as coarse rag, to dry off with. The native Rak’Ta take notice of this behavior curiously; begin to hiss among themselves, and appraise Arno with a different eye.


    …But wait! You forgot something! One of the Spinosaurus handlers runs over and grabs Jack by his shoulder, pinching him rather harder than he might’ve meant to to get your attention. THAT DISTANCE was *incredible*! You win the prize! As the Rak’Ta hands over the glimmering green bottles, a nearby pirate whistles. “Oh, *those* are good. You always need *those*, out here…”

    [Jack has received x3 Potions of Water Breathing!]


    The crowd *all cheers*, as Oak and the ram roll over each other in the mud. Spectacle! A few Rak’Ta rush in the ring to help Oak get the ram off him…two go down in the process, one nursing what looks to be a horn stab wound.

    “Ahhh….not to worry, Big One,” One of the runners of the goat game speaks Common, and runs over to reassure Oak (as they also rush to take his money). “Zzzza ram getssss nearly everyone! I’ve sssseen pit fighterssss get *wrecked* by thisss guy. Zzzza only one to take it today wassss Rax.”

    At the mention of Rax, another of the Rak’Ta pipes in with a question. Your new friend answers. “Orsa, Yusk, Rhiz,” The assembled Rak’Ta give collective groans of dissatisfaction. Your new friend explains. “…every year, there isss a challenge at zzza end of the night. Rax isss usssually zaaa challenger. *Alwayssss winsss*. Thisss year is sssspecial though. Rax is but the lead-up. Our ssshamansss…have grown old. The Ma’ko renews itsssself .” His fellows take up the chant, as do the other Rak’Ta within earshot.

    OOC: Jack is headed to the Tattoo “Parlor”, Oak and Arno wander the Festival grounds. It can be currently assumed that @Denada is “Hmmm”-ing at the surrounding people and noise or the Festival

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "Hmm," Urixes grunts, arms crossed as he surveys the festival from the firelight's edge. The Governor's harsh words are still playing over in his head, punctuated by Arno's chilling response. It all left him in no mood for fun and frivolity. Instead he finds himself drawn to the sorrowful Rak'Ta, another haunted figure in the shadows. "I saw," he says awkwardly as he approaches, "In the basin. I'm ... sorry for your loss."

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