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Bottom menu bar issues.

BogartBogart Streetwise HerculesRegistered User, Moderator mod

The menu bar at the bottom is sometimes not staying there and floating over the page, usually after scrolling slowly. Using reactions after scrolling down a page also sometimes brings up the sub menu as if I’d touched a bottom sub menu option, like it was floating invisibly over that part of the screen. Started happening a couple of days ago, I think.

Safari on an iPhone SE 2020.



  • BroloBrolo Broseidon Lord of the BroceanRegistered User regular
    I've been getting this issue on Firefox Android for a few months now:

  • CelloCello Registered User regular
    Bringing this up because I am getting....very frustrated with this. I'm running it on Android Firefox on a Samsung S20+. The bar floats upwards, and as I am writing a post or trying to scroll sometimes the forums will freeze and the bar will disappear. I'll have have mash pressing on the space the bar *should* be and hope that I manage to hit the x button on the draft saved bar so I can scroll again. If I press on the wrong part of the screen, it'll pop up, say, my inbox instead and my draft will disappear. The bar also tends to hover over the post discussion button invisibly, so sometimes I'll try to hit post and end up in my inbox again.

    Not sure if this is a confluence of the bar being crummy in Firefox and removing the bottom bar of the Samsung phone to use gesture controls, but I *do* know this is no fuuuuuun

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