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Threads in D&D not marked as read when viewed via forum link

OrcaOrca Registered User regular
I'm not sure how best to explain it, so I'm going to use pictures.

My bookmarks page is normal:


D&D shows everything unread (not greyed out) when viewed via this link:


None of the other forums I check regularly has this issue.

So far I've checked:
* Bug reports
* G&T
* Technology Tavern
* MMO Extravaganza
* SE++
* H&A
* Artist's Corner

A pretty minor problem all things considered, but still strange behavior.

Orca on


  • OrcaOrca Registered User regular
    And now it's working all of a sudden?

    I'm confused.


    Caching issue maybe?

  • OrcaOrca Registered User regular
    Further investigation showed that one tab had apparently been logged out while my other one hadn't been. Which is strange, but readily explains why nothing was marked as read.

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