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Fave RSS Feeds!

theSquidtheSquid Sydney, AustraliaRegistered User regular
I'm revamping my iGoogle homepage, and am looking for some good gadgets - which also includes RSS feeds and the like. Specifically I'm looking for good news RSS feeds - Australian news and tech news mostly, but also American or British, or any other interesting ones?

What RSS feeds / iGoogle widgets do you guys subscribe to?

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  • RandomEngyRandomEngy Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Meh, Netvibes is better.

    But I subscribe to Ars Technica for tech news (that's actually reliable), Boing Boing minus "steampunk" "disney" "damacy" "antique" "vintage" "papercraft" for random amusing things and Zero Punctuation (another homemade feed).

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  • LewishamLewisham Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Here's my OPML.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!-- OPML generated by NetNewsWire -->
    <opml version="1.1">
    		<outline text="BBC News" description="" title="BBC News" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/hi/default.stm" xmlUrl="http://newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/newsonline_uk_edition/front_page/rss.xml"/>
    		<outline text="Coding Horror" description="" title="Coding Horror" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/" xmlUrl="http://feeds.feedburner.com/codinghorror/"/>
    		<outline text="Daring Fireball" description="" title="Daring Fireball" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://daringfireball.net/" xmlUrl="http://daringfireball.net/index.xml"/>
    		<outline text="Digg" description="" title="Digg" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://digg.com/" xmlUrl="http://digg.com/rss/index.xml"/>
    		<outline text="Game AI News" description="" title="Game AI News" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://news.aigamedev.com/" xmlUrl="http://feeds.aigamedev.com/GameAiNews"/>
    		<outline text="Gizmodo" description="" title="Gizmodo" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://gizmodo.com" xmlUrl="http://gizmodo.com/index.xml"/>
    		<outline text="Kotaku" description="" title="Kotaku" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://kotaku.com" xmlUrl="http://kotaku.com/index.xml"/>
    		<outline text="Grand Text Auto" description="" title="Grand Text Auto" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://grandtextauto.org" xmlUrl="http://grandtextauto.org/feed/"/>
    		<outline text="The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)" description="" title="The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://www.tuaw.com" xmlUrl="http://www.tuaw.com/rss.xml"/>
    		<outline text="The Superficial - Because You're Ugly" description="" title="The Superficial - Because You're Ugly" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://thesuperficial.com/" xmlUrl="http://www.thesuperficial.com/atom.xml"/>
    		<outline text="Slashdot" description="" title="Slashdot" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://slashdot.org/" xmlUrl="http://rss.slashdot.org/Slashdot/slashdot"/>
    		<outline text="Valleywag" description="" title="Valleywag" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://valleywag.com" xmlUrl="http://valleywag.com/index.xml"/>
    		<outline text="WOW Insider" description="" title="WOW Insider" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://www.wowinsider.com" xmlUrl="http://www.wowinsider.com/rss.xml"/>
    		<outline text="UK:RESISTANCE. Not making a difference since 1996" description="" title="UK:RESISTANCE. Not making a difference since 1996" type="rss" version="RSS" htmlUrl="http://www.ukresistance.co.uk/" xmlUrl="http://www.ukresistance.co.uk/atom.xml"/>

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  • Satan.Satan. __BANNED USERS
    edited January 2008
    I dumped my OPML from Google Reader and shoved it through http://www.grazr.com which basically makes the file human-readable.

    My reading list. I'll probably junk the source file in a couple days, unless you PM me and say that you've looked at it and are done with it.

    Satan. on
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