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Beta testers for Minecraft Adventure Map please? :)

JBCJBC Registered User regular
Hello everyone! I've been lurking for 15 years or so, but never had a good reason to post until now.

During the pandemic I worked very hard to create a Minecraft W10 adventure map for my kiddos called "Haunted Castle", built to emulate the feeling of old fashioned 8-16 bit adventure games. They played for about 10 minutes and moved on; this was a very typical "Dad" experience. ;) That's ok, I'm happy they have their own passions! But it would be nice for someone else to enjoy the map given how much work it took.

However, before I release it on a map site I would really appreciate a few generous beta testers to give it a run and let me know if any major changes need to made. I find it very hard to test my own designs objectively since I know all the secrets. It's complete and playable. It uses the base game assets and focuses on exploration, with an open world where you travel the countryside and the castle to defeat a great evil and save the world.

If any generous souls are willing to help I would greatly appreciate it. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised. Please let me know, and thank you!


  • RadiationRadiation Registered User regular
    Might be worth posting in the SE minecraft thread:
    Or I think there's an old G&T thread lurking about? I may have made that one.

    PSN: jfrofl
  • JBCJBC Registered User regular

  • localh77localh77 Registered User regular
    I'm not very good with Minecraft myself, but my 10 year old used to play it a bunch, until recently switching to Genshin Impact. But I bet she'd be happy to give it a whirl. And she may be able to help me get it set up for my 7 year old, who sometimes plays Minecraft on her iPad. But we have a Windows laptop that she can use. If you wanted to send me the map file (I don't even know how it works to install/use a map, but I'm sure it's not rocket science), we'd give it a shot.

  • JBCJBC Registered User regular
    Thank you! I'm not sure it's age appropriate since there are some adult themes (evil magical possessed Count taking over the countryside and burning a town down etc). I tried to mix kid fun with enough story to keep older people interested. If you'd be willing to let them play Symphony of the Night, you'd be ok with this I think? Please advise and I can PM the download link. It's super easy to install once you download it, just open in the game.

  • JBCJBC Registered User regular
    Picture if you're interested!


  • localh77localh77 Registered User regular
    Sure thing, thanks for the heads up. Yeah, the 10 year old would definitely be fine with it, so no problem there. I can have her try it first, and let me know if the 7 year old should (or would even want to). But if you want to send the link at some point, we can give it a shot.

  • JBCJBC Registered User regular
    Link sent! Thank you!

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