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I couldn't really think of a fitting topic name for this, so that'll have to do.

Anyway, I've been kinda looking for a new MMO to play a bit here and there. Here's the thing though, I'm looking for a game like FFXI. I loved the environment that game provided. It's really hard for me to explain it, but anyone who has played it (and liked it) and has also played other MMO's like Lineage 2, or AC2, knows that FFXI had a really awesome atmosphere and gameplay, even though not that much different, really.

I mean, FF has a good mood-setting music, and while it was a complete grindfest, it had a different feel than other MMO's iI've played. It' really hard to explain how much I loved that game (and also how it would be hard for me to get back into it and enjoy it again gameplay-wise)

Anyway, I'm looking to see if there is any MMO's that kinda make you feel like that. Whether it's out now, or coming out soon and seems to bring that kinda of world to life, I'm trying to find some titles to look into playing.

Also, fuck WoW. I've been there, raided that.

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    Try LOTRO, perhaps. I think they have a free trial on the official website, or stop by their thread. I remember my time in the beta quite fondly, I think it might have a lot of what you're looking for.

    There's nothing quite like FFXI's atmosphere on the market though, with that mix of fantasy and whimsy. I'm right there with you about its love-hate relationship with its players, though.

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