Macbook temporarily wrecked my Cell and my DS?

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Okay, the problem is technically gone, but I'm just interested in figuring out what the hell happened and whether it'll happen again. So I'm doing work on my Macbook lappy. Need to call someone. I pick up my Nokia cell that had been on the desk behind my macbook, between it and the wall. It's off for some reason. So I attempt to turn it on. The screen lights up for a second with no display, then turns off. An hour later, it's still doing it. So an hour and a half later, when I go to pop it open, it's working fine again with no problems. So I wondered what the hell caused it, and while wondering, pick up my DS (old style DS phat), which, after trying my cell, I had stashed behind my still-active Macbook in the same spot. So I turn it on. The display lights up, but nothing happens. O_o. So I wait about half an hour, and it's fine again.

Near as I can tell, the only thing that they share in common is that they were both right behind my Macbook, in the little space between it and the wall, while it was on. So, did it do this, or is my technology haunted? I'm curious as to why it happened, and if it's dangerous to the Cell and DS. I'm never putting them back there again.

Other info: Airport wireless net was being used, I've never had this happen before, but that's because I've never stashed them back there before.

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    I don't know where the vents on a Macbook go, but could they have overheated the batteries? Lithium batteries are surprisingly heat-sensitive.

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    Unlikely that the Macbook did anything to the two pieces of tech, it could just be a spooky coincidence.

    Very unlikely that the heat dissipated from the Mac and sapped the batteries of the DS/phone.

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    Ahh. My tech's haunted then. Nifty.

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