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Imageshack is clunky and slow and I'd rather rely on myself to host images. I have a webhost, and I'd like to install a PHP application that'll give me a browse prompt, or let me give it a URL to get the image from, and then host it on my webserver. After that, it should give me a direct link to the image as well as some thumbnail code so I don't have to post the full image.

Can anyone recommend something written in PHP or similar that I can install on my server? As absurdly simple as the requirements are, I'm having trouble finding anything that suits them. I want something simple, not a goddamn image gallery function that I'll never use.

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    If you just want to upload stuff quickly and link it, I'd recommend W2Box. No gallery, no image rating and commenting and RSS and e-mail notifications, just upload and delete.

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    Are you just wanting something that you use for image hosting itself? For example when you make a post in a forum (like PA here) and want to post an image?

    I highly recommend using Google Pages. Simply delete the site it creates for the default, then go into Site Settings and untick Optimize the size of uploaded images under Image Upload.

    Then upload all your images etc that you want. You have a maximum of 100MB of storage and to my knowledge there are no limits on filesize nor image size.

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    No, I was looking for a PHP script to install on my already existing server so that I could have a GUI through which to host images that would then provide me with thumbnails and direct links.

    Although I've gotten one set up now. It doesn't do thumbnails, but I figure I can live without for the time being.

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