Exactly why BG with 8 year olds in WoW?

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This link from one of the WoW comics will have you notice what WSG (Warsong Gultch) is like for the Alliance (in some cases anyway, maybe not for the higher levels). This is the beneficial part of the Horde. When we go on a type of voice chat, our eardrums don't get blow out by high-pitched voices.

I am also trying to make a night elf (no i'm not an anime freak) twink and we'll see how that works out.
All of my main are on ther horde, lol.

Anyway, if you also have any suggestions on what to twink with, just post a reply.

Link to comic:

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    One thing about 8 year olds is they never read the rule thread or notice the WoW chat thread.

    Damn 8 year olds.

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    (Please do not gift. My game bank is already full.)
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    lol. my bad? [WoW] there noob.

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