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    Hey guys thanks for all the good feedback. We will definatly do the best we can to get it all. Im going to have 4 camera operators covering the show. So we should be able to get most of it. Problem being is that it will all have to be edited down to roughly 2 hrs for DVD authoring. So it will have to be tight.

    I just read the anouncement about Halo 2 showing up @ PAX. Very cool.

    Im very excited about PAX and want to do the best video possible for everyone.

    If anyone has a road trip video they want to include on DVD, get it to me so I can get it on.

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    Actually, I think that if this DVD only covered the Omegathon, that would suffice. I'd be happy with that...and maybe a bit of Optimus Rhyme (especially if their music just went through the background and the occasional shot will include them...just for filler)

    But then again, you could always throw in a tour of the building. That would help people remember the experience...or imagine it.

    And asking random people about random things would be neat....unless if it is overdone. I don't think listening to nobodies for so long would be that much fun.

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    Might I suggest splitting the DVD into different segments rather than making a 2 hour-straight film? That way you'd be able to cram in a lot more in their entirety without causing the viewer to become impatient with any particular segment.

    Only care to watch the Omegathon? No problem.
    Just want to see the industry panels? That's fine.
    Only interested in the Q&A? That's alright too.

    Either that, or a fairly large "deleted scenes" section would suffice. Along with the finely tuned and edited footage of the main feature, you could have raw, uncut footage of whole events.

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    At least include videos of the finals(and maybe semi-finals) for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Soul Calibur 2, and Guilty Gear XX, because, well, they are the easiest games to make videos of for the DVD.

    Some Halo 2 footage would rock too, possibly get the top players in the Halo 1 tournament to go play Halo 2 together and film that game.

    The Omegathon needs to be on the DVD, as do all the events in the Panel Room, and most of the concerts should be on the DVD too.

    Pack it with everything you can, and if theres more to show, add another disc!

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    You can fit 4 hours on a DVD-9. That doesn't leave much room for anything else though.

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    I would recommend the following:

    An interactive DVD.


    Explanation of PAX - Eh....pretty straightforward. "It's a damned game convention."

    History of PAX - ....someone should say something about this. Tycho? Gabe?

    Panels - Well, duh, this section should have a sub-menu showing the list of panels that occured at PAX.

    Tournaments - Again, sub-menu listing the tourneys, of which will show footage of each tourney corresponding to that menu.

    Exhibits - This includes showing the donkey crap that some companies are showing off...among a few special jewels. (Fable, for one)

    Random Entertainment - Uh, men getting drunk, women getting naked? Seriously, random stuff.

    Credits, Sponsors, etc. - Yes, this is where the sponsors and money-lickers go.

    That's pretty much as much as I can suggest, unless anyone would like to add to it?

    Edit: Instead of 1 DVD, it should be 2 DVD's, a Day One DVD, and Day Two DVD..and maybe a third dvd being the bonus dvd?

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    I'm unstickying this.

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    If you include any gaming footage please please please! don't stand behind the game being played and film it. It just looks so much better when it's recorded with a capture program and then added into the film itself with whatever editing program you are using. For the consoles, I'm sure you can find someone who can plug in with their computer (would require a good video capture card) and then record the games with a decent capture program. For the PC games, I'm more than willing to bet that there will be lots of people recording their gameplay. I know I demo and save replays of every game I play. Find out who some of those people are and have them go through their footage selecting some good parts.

    Divide it up into chapters for scene selecting and all that goodness that DVD has to offer. Use some of the music played at PAX for the music to the DVD. Avoid too much psychedelic and 'trance' music though. That really seems to make it less exciting.

    Use a lot of transitions and a good variety - I just watched a good deal of your stuff on your website and you use some incredibly cool transitions, but repeat a lot and then not enough of them, variety wise as well as quantity.

    Use at least some fast action camera and some slow motion stuff. Not a ton, but some. Change up the text used so that it doesn't get old as well, and keep it as unique as you can - no Times New Roman. :p

    And two hours? Why does it have to be done before it's over (the event)? I'm sure if you're going to sell it for $25 it's worth taking the time and making it the best you can. Have an online order deal for when its done and people will order them and you can ship them out. Don't sacrafice good quality and a first of events just to have it out before the event is over. That's equivalent to putting out a highly anticipated game on its scheduled release date (which was scheduled years in advance) that isn't ready yet. You'll break our hearts when we know it could have been better. ;) People who came and those who didn't will buy this I'm sure. It's the first PA Expo and will be one to remember...make the DVD that way too. I don't think anyone would mind waiting a bit longer. :)

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    I will have a camera for the West Coast SuperTrip!

    And a nice one too; the Sony VX-2000, with a wide angle lens adaptor, Bogen tripod with 501 fluid head, Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mike, and Beachtek XLR adaptor.

    I'll also bring a couple of hours worth of DV tapes...

    I was thinking about a timelapse of the entire trip from SoCal to Washington...

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    I'll be taking stills of the entire WCST. There's sections in DVDs for still images, I know that, so would that be OK?

    I've got up to 925 pictures I can take, and that size increases infinitely if someone has a SD card reader I can use.

    Also: Dammit, Ben, I need to talk to you. What's your phone number?

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