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Howdy. I have a cellphone that I would like to get setup on Vista. I get to the PAIRING mode and all that good stuff, and it says its added the device, however when I go to COM Port. . .I see Incoming/Outgoing but no actual port number next to either. Consequently, I am unable to connect to my phone through a program on my laptop, and get a "Not Connected" error on my phone.

I am using a VAKOSS modem, a Samsung R410. When I installed the VAKOSS I kept on getting another device that was trying to install, but nothing was showing up as to what the device was. The USB Bluetooth seems to have installed fine. Any help is appreciated.

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    Traditionally it will connect on COM6 but you have to go into the Bluetooth menu, open up the phone, go into the services and there will be a serial connection option. It's different per phone but basically the same thing.

    I've only seen COM6 on most of the phones I've tried, but the only other one it can use is COM5. You may want to try out BitPim as well. Check the compatibility list. On most recent phones you can change almost everything around.

    Edit: Also, when pairing most phones the default pairing key is '0000'.

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