I want to buy another laptop and I'd like some advice.

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Right now I do everything on my Inspiron. It's pretty much just a portable office for me that I only haul from my dorm to my house and back. It's big, 17'', it's powerful, and I trust it--hell, I hardly wear a condom when I fuck it anymore. But I'd like a second laptop, something small, no bigger than 13'', that I can carry around with me to class, on the train, in my local porno theater, etc. Pretty much the only hardware specs I need are a decent wireless card so I can leach wifi on the fly, an HDD with approximately 100 gigs of storage and a decent write speed, and the processing power to run Firefox and MS Word... maybe even simultaneously.

Where can I get the best bang for my buck? I know Geeks.com has some decent refurbished deals but I'm a tad wary since a refurbished laptop would not come with a manufacturer's warranty and, unlike desktops, I can't crack it upon and tinker with it all willy nilly.


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    Hmm, not sure how you feel about ultraportables, but might you might look into an HP MiniNote. It's small, has built in wifi and bluetooth, a 120 or 160GB hard drive, and could pretty easily run Firefox and Word.

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    I dont konw how you feel about used, but you should be able to pick up a used g4 macbook for like 350 on craigslist. Built in wifi, superdrive and theyll run all that stuff.

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    I didn't even know what the fuck and avitar was until about 5 minutes ago.
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    I'm not a fan of the Mac OS so I'd rather stick to PCs.

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