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Hyperscore: An Ancient SNES... thing. Queries.

mr-razzcocksmr-razzcocks Registered User regular
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For one reason or another, a thought just popped into my head about this thing I got bought for the SNES when I was a kid. We're talking early to mid 90's here.

Basically, it was a cartridge that plugged into the console, and the game cartridge went in the top of that. The idea was that the Hyperscore unit would save your game score, then you could phone a hotline and the Hyperscore unit would use a built in speaker system to relay a weird binary/morse type signal through the phone, and your score would be registered on a high score list on Teletext, a shitty information network available through terrestrial TV channels in the UK.

Anyway, due to various faults, it never actually worked, and the product was recalled, I got a shitty boardgame in compensation off the company who made it.

Anyway, I just decided to look into this product a little further, just to satisfy my curiosity. However, a Google search proves to be totally fruitless, as the Hyperscore tag now refers to a piece of audio composition software, and adding "SNES" to my search brings up very minor references to the product, and only the Mega-Drive/Genesis version.

Anyway, my point is, does anybody happen to have any information on this product? What caused the cock-up? Personal experience with it? Maybe you got the damned thing to work? Anything at all.

To clarify, I think it was only released in the UK

An interesting (for me at least) postscript to my experience with it as a child: UK kids TV presenter Andy Crane held the high score for Super Mario World. I beat it, but couldn't submit my score.

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  • Kuroi OokamiKuroi Ookami Registered User regular
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    I'm not finding anything by that name, could it be the XBAND you're thinking of?

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  • WillethWilleth Registered User regular
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    Hyperscore this was a plug through cartridge for recording high scores that could then be displayed on Teletext. The game Cartridges were plugged into the top of the Hyper score and then the high scores were saved into it. Next there was a phone number you could call and upload your score by means of a speaker on the front of the Hyperscore similar to a tone dialer. All the game scores were then put into a national league and the highest score won a prize. Scores could be checked by going to the Hyperscore Teletext page. The Hyperscore was made and marketed by Hasbro.
    Found this by searching for 'hyperscore snes teletext'.

    You've probably seen it already :P

    Although 'hasbro hyperscore' returns nothing. Now I'm really interested, though :)

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  • mr-razzcocksmr-razzcocks Registered User regular
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    Dang man i feel like indiana jones trying to find stuff on this

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