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    wakkawa wrote: »
    Haha yeah I use a wacom graphire 4x5. Too poor to buy the others.

    Also I would love to sell some prints, but I just don't know how well they would sell. I always get people that are all "I would totally buy that! But not not really!"

    Wakka, I have one picture of yours I absolutely love. If you give me an e-mail can I e-mail it to you so I can get a price check? I would LOVE to have this picture hanging on my wall signed or something!

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    Mustang wrote: »
    Man I don't give a fuck what your teacher thinks wakka, you drawings are so frickin sexy you could bottle it.

    i wish there were a way to lime things harder

    i would totally get a wall-sized poster of that greenish pic with the skull masked guys

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