graphical distortion?

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This is kinda a weird pc problem that I've never encountered before. I'm getting this fuzzy graphical distortion thats right next to my mouse pointer and icons. This fuzziness fills the entire screen whenever I try to play games. No idea what could be causing it. Heres a screenshot to give a rough idea:


Any solutions?

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  • GrimmGrimm Registered User regular
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    Have you tried the usual fixes, restart, clean out dust, check graphics card connection, check power supply? My first thoughts would be heat or power problem.

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  • nexuscrawlernexuscrawler Registered User regular
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    Make sure the fan on your video card is working properly

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  • robaalrobaal Registered User
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    After you clean the card, if it's still there you might try the video card's memory frequency, if even that doesn't help then I think the card is just broken, and if it isn't under warranty you need to get a new one...

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