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So I'm playing WoW and I go to move when I relized my keyboard is not responding to anything I press. I restart my computer, check the cables and such, reconnect it via the wireless button. When my computer restarts my mouse now doesn't respond either.

This is where it's been for a half hour or so, for some reason the only thing I've got out of it is a keylogger check my keyboard software runs. It responded to that but will do nothing else. Mouse is totally dead. I've tried using a different mouse and no response there either.

Any help would be appreciated.

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    USB or PS2? If USB, have you tried using a different port?

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    It's wireless?

    Your batteries are dying, or you need to try another wireless channel.

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    USB weirdness maybe. Ive had a similar problem with my PC. I swapped my KB/Mouse to a different root hub/hub and it started working ok. Rebooted and swapped it back and all was well. Dunno if it'll work, but good luck

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