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So I'm making some basic tables. The problem is, I'm trying to hide a few borders, and it goes pretty well in IE. It looks exactly as I intend it to. But no matter what codes I use, the borders are always there in FireFox. What am I to do?

Here's a page i'm talking about:

If you look at it in IE & FF, it won't have borders on the inside in IE. I know I can use
<table frame="void">
to get rid of the outer border, but the inside one is still present. What do I do?

EDIT:An image & side-by-side comparison so you know what my problem is...

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  • NightDragonNightDragon 6th Grade Username Registered User regular
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    have you tried inserting



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  • LuxLux Registered User regular
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    Yep. The thing is, though, I do want a border, just not on the inside cells. So I set the border color of the inside cells to white, or whatever the background color is. It works in IE, but not FireFox.

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    Try using CSS styling on the table. You can set border colors, widths, etc.

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    You want to use border="0" and then work with cellspacing or cellpadding (i don't remember which works in your case) to get the spaced effect without visible borders.

    That's pretty basic. No need to get all fancy with CSS on it.

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