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I've played WoW off and on for almost 2 years. I've made maybe around 20 toons spread out over many servers, most of 'em make it to at least 40. Each time I start on a server it's because people I know IRL have toons there, so I figure it'd be fun to join 'em. Every single time they stop playing for various reasons, and I'm left with nobody I know. I want to finally be able to settle down on a server and join a pretty decent sized guild. I turn to the awesome fan base of PA to help me out.

So, any suggestions? Is there a main server that you guys play on? I don't wanna sound too desperate here, I just want to see what level 70 is like, and all the juicy end game.

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    And after seein' the guild roster sticky I think I have an idea. =p

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    Cho'Gall would probably be right up your alley, SE++.

    or Ravenholdt.

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