Oh no! I'm in bat country!

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I was sitting on the sofa, watching TV, when I heard a weird noise in the entry way, and then a bat came winging into the room. It circled the light, and then my head a couple of times, hit the wall, and then clung to the side of the couch. In the time it took me to run and get a towel to snatch and wrap it up in, the damn thing completly disappeared. I still have no idea how it got in, but now there's a rogue bat in here somewhere... any advice on how to chase it out into the open, or anything (I just need to find it - I'm an old hand at catching the buggers on the wing).

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    I am guessing this was supposed to go in H/A? You can probably get a mod to move it for you.

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    Burnage wrote:
    FWD is very good at this game.
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    edit: woops.

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    I have absolutely no idea how I managed to get this in here instead of H/A. Must've been too busy looking over my shoulder expecting that little flying rat to make another diving run at my face.

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