My computer is slow, oh so slow.

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My computer seems to run totally fine, occasionally slow to open a window or something, but in general, very little lag. I'm not talking about games here. I'm talking, sometimes my PC lags when I'm typing or trying to move my mouse, it used to be a sometimes thing, but now it's the standard. While it's running in any capacity, including the ones where theres no lag, I get KILLER audio lag. I can't have any sounds play, including windows' error sounds and things like that play insanely slow and choppy. This is a big problem considering I'm putting the finishing touches on my band's first album with this PC, and the software I'm using to do that kind of just puts the pieces of the songs in random places all throughout my computer cause it's an asshole and will randomly decide that it's too good to keep saving to the same folder. So I can't move any of my work.

I can't even playback or record anymore with my PC. It's just so choppy. If I buy more ram (I'm running on 256k at the mome) will I be able to just finish up this album, and then worry about what's eating my processor speed later? Or will I definitely need to fix this ferrealz?

There doesn't seem to be any suspicious processes in general, but today when I turned on my PC, ALL my processes were at at least 2000k each, which doesn't seem normal.

I don't seem to have any trojans or adware/spyware that I can find. My computer is loud as heck, and keeps overheating. HELP.

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    My advice, back up all your important shit right now. Especially if you are working on an album.

    It's probably nothing major, but on the off chance that it is something major you are going to want to back up right now.

    No seriously, right now.

    do it.

    K, after that's done, we can start to do a little science.

    The first question is hardware or software.

    You ran adblock and spybot i assume from your post? if you didn't try both then try the other one, that's the most likely culprit.

    If that doesn't fix it, I'd give a Linux Live CD a whirl. I find myself recommending this step for just about any computer gremlins, partly because I am a free software shill and partly because it's so goddamn useful. Basically if you can burn a live CD and run a totally different operating system and you still have problems, then you know it's in the hardware somewhere.

    If not, then a windows reinstall will fix it, at the very least.

    Anyway, I wrote up some step-by-step instructions for doing this for someone else who had computer problems... lemme see... here we go

    Takes about 20 minutes of doing things and about 2 hrs of waiting.

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    In the Start menu, go to RUN and type "msconfig". Click on the "startup" tab and unselect all applications that you don't need. Just be careful and make sure you don't unselect one that you might need, as it can screw your computer up. Restart your PC afterwards.

    After you boot your PC back up, run CCleaner, then AdAware and Spybot. See if that will clear up anything for you.

    Also, see if you can find a RAM diagnostic program that will let you know how much ram you have and how much is being used at the moment. If you are making music, chances are 256k is not enough. I make music on a rig with 1.5 gigs and I still get some lagging going on, but I know that a lot of music-making programs like to take up a whole bunch of memory so you might want to invest in another stick of RAM, whatever you can afford.

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    Post a HijackThis! log and we'll take a look at it. If you don't know how to do that, Google is your friend.

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    I would strongly recommend reading DrFrylock's post thoroughly and considering all of his points individually.
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