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[Threshold RPG] - How do the Kleiburn auctions work?

AstraeaAstraea Registered User
edited July 2008 in MMO Extravaganza
So I recently started playing Threshold RPG (thanks to a thread here) and I love it. The role playing is top notch.

They are having an event tonight that is some kind of in game auction run by an NPC called "Kleiburn."

How do these auctions work? I have talked to some people In Character and they have informed me that the types of items Kleiburn brings to town are pretty amazing and interesting. Some of them are fun little trinkets and others are multi-function magic items.

Is it possible for a lower level player like myself to win any auctions?

If so, what kind of bidding strategies are effective?

If not, is there any reason to attend such an auction?


Astraea on


  • FrogdiceFrogdice ClubPA
    edited July 2008
    I am sorry I missed your post and did not see it until the auction event already took place. I will go ahead an answer as it may be helpful in the future if you attend another auction.
    Astraea wrote: »
    Is it possible for a lower level player like myself to win any auctions?

    Definitely. While the majority of the items available are very rare, and thus very valuable, the operators of the Kleiburn event try to make sure at least 20% of the wares are things anyone could afford. So while you probably won't be able to win one of the really powerful or extremely unique items, there are still a lot of RP oriented items, or just plain fun items you could win.
    Astraea wrote: »
    If so, what kind of bidding strategies are effective?

    Standard auction strategies apply. If you want to shock people out of bidding, open with a big bid. If you are always bidding against the same person on stuff, try to big things up so they spend a lot of their money early. Etc.

    Astraea wrote: »
    If not, is there any reason to attend such an auction?

    Definitely. In addition to the items being sold, there is a lot of role playing that takes place during the event. Kleiburn always has an interesting assistant who "works the rooms" while handing out refreshments as well as bought items.

    Also, with often 100+ people in attendance, the Kleiburn auction is a good chance to meet some of the more famous residents of the realm and observe their behavior. Sometimes you can learn which characters deserve their fame, and which ones are poseurs. :)

    Further, in each of the rooms there are usually people wagering on how high items will go, or just generally having a good time.

    The Kleiburn Auction is one of our more well received events. We run it a couple times a year and every time people get very excited about it. I hope you enjoyed it!

    Frogdice on
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