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    Deusfaux wrote:
    Raneados wrote:
    it seems to be running okayish now, albeit maybe a little hot

    I'm gonna do a full clean tomorrow, likes, several cans worth + losing conciousness from blowing my own air

    that 106F wasn't F

    it's C

    106 C

    now it's down to 93 C with some fudging of my fans

    anyone know the cutoff degree for a forced shutdown?

    jesus fucking christ dude, thats hot.

    for reference

    my cpu idles in the mid 30's, under load gets to the mid 40's

    mid 50's and id start freaking out a bit

    anything in the 60's is trouble

    for starters, you NEED a case fan. I am sort of stunned your pc doesnt. the PSU fan is only for the PSU, and proc fan/heatsink only moves heat off the proc and into the case.

    that hot air is still stuck in the case! so like robaal said, your case takes 80 92 or 120 mm fan. they'd be like $10-20 type thing

    oh, how about installation?

    is there a panel in the back that comes off or something or do I need to start hacking away with a hacksaw?

    edit: on BIOS it says

    CPU temp 85C right now -- that's the one that tops 100 sometimes
    SUS temp 36C - this never effing changes ever

    edit edit: oh, there's a grill back there but no fan attached, that's fun

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    usually its just 4 holes in the corners of the fan, should come with screws. your case should have the matching holes already.

    installation is easy, just a screwdriver. and make sure the fan is facing the right way so that its blowing air out of the case. the fan is powered by a very small 3-4 pin plug that goes directly into the mobo like the proc fan currently is plugged in OR its a larger 4 pin molex connector that would plug directly into one of the power supply's cables of the same type

    yeah yikes - if those temps are accurate its something to be concerned about.

    the other temp is 99% of the time, your mobo temp/ambient case temp

    its fine either way.

    other things - you might have to at some point, remove the proc heatsink/fan and reapply some new thermal grease - (a process we can get into later), but also just even to blow all the dust out of the little crevices and heatsink fins really well

    edit: obviously my proc heatsink/fan (the copper one) is a little more exotic, but you can see how it blows air off the fan (in this case towards the back) where there is a black case fan to exhaust it completely

    there is also another case fan on the top doing exhaus duties as well, and one at the bottom front of the case inhaling fresh air to cycle through the thing. course you could probably get away with jsut the one rear exhaust


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  • RaneadosRaneados Registered User regular
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    I'm running my computer with my case open, so I can see what's doing what, and to help with the heat

    apparently my motherboard's fan that's on top of the heatsink doesn't appear to be spinning

    I have a sneaking suspicion this is a problem

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    Raneados wrote:
    just downloaded speedfan

    Fan 1: 245750 RPM

    Uh? is that a typo? Because fans don't typically spin over 5000 RPM.

    Also if you are referring to the fan directly over your CPU, yes, that one should be spinning. Also the ones on any other portions of your motherboard should be spinning.

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    Raneados wrote: »
    so what SPECIFICALLY is the problem with my hole?
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    I'm guessing the fan thing is an error on speedfan's part, it's fluctuatng between 90000 and 300000

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    lol the way ran describes all this is highly amusing....

    but uh yeah, if your proc fan isnt spinning that would be THE source of your problems...

    you might be able to take the fan part off separate from the heatsink itself to better blow the dust out/inspect it

    im not sure the fan power cord on it could reach another connector on the mobo to rule out the one particular connection not giving it power, and not a problem with the fan itself

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  • tsmvengytsmvengy Registered User regular
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    Yeah, if the proc fan isn't spinning I would suggest not using your computer for lengths of time - as overheating can damage the processor. Is the fan plugged into the mobo? If so, you can try moving it to another similar-looking connector on your mobo (although the computer may not start if you do this, since some mobos require a fan plugged into the CPU header to turn on)

    If that fan doesn't work at all, then you need to figure out how to either fix it or get a new one. This is a required part. For now I would suggest pointing a fan at the side of your case while it's open to cool things off...

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    That mobo fan will have to be replaced. It's not spinning because the bearings are shot. Or there's enough crud in there to block it completely... and if the motor has been running without the fan spinning for some time, the bearings will have worn out long ago.

    It's not a terribly uncommon part, but you'll have to do some searching. Try calling the manufacturer first--they may not sell replacement parts, but they can tell you where to look.

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    Final Update hopefully. There was a spare plug on the board and I tried the fan in that one, hoping for the best, and the best I got.

    what was 106 degrees is now 36, a little screwdrivering, dusting, and reconnecting has apparently fixed my problem

    thanks dudes, it's definitely a good outcome for this problem, hopefully it's good for a few months at least

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