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Hey, my friend started a webcomic lately and asked that I spread the word. It deals mostly with gaming and geek culture (oh how broad that is...) and promises to be a good read. It updates every Monday. Have a look!


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    Sitewhore is sitewhoring

    Art's not bad, writing is shit.

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    you need to work on your writing.

    the first one on the page is entirely too wordy. The point that fat lardo nerd kids would jerk off to female anime characters can be gotten across in way less time with way less reading.
    i got to the end and was kinda like 'really? a joke about lardo nerds wanking to anime girls? that's it?' which is bad.

    the one about wow and the beach. did you SERIOUSLY just use a lens flare?
    I only thought people used those to be ironic or funny nowadays
    spend some time lurking on the entire internet and you will see that lens flare is photoshop's little inside joke for industry people kinda like "hey guys, look what we still put into our program even though it's the laughing stock of the industry! heheheh we are so charming and funny but still in a businesslike manner!"
    the joke on this one was slightly better than the first, but still, kinda overdone. Everyone knows that wow players would rather play wow than be outside. If you must use that tired truth, at least expand on it a little.

    the cooking mama one. First of all, a B is not a fail, an F is a fail. A B is an alright mark in high school. If you're in university, (and you're me) it's like fist-pumping hell yeah, take that genetics, you asshole! goodness.
    Even if it was an F, the joke still just seems forced, like you wanted to draw cooking mama so you threw her into a comic as an afterthought. It's just not funny.
    I stopped looking through them at that point

    so, yeah, post some if you want individual crits or if you feel those latest three weren't your best.

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    So...this isn't your art?

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    Also, actually drawing the Star Wars toys would be cool. Particularly the Ahsoka in the background of the last frame.

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    An account made yesterday for the express purpose of posting this and only this. Blearch.

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    The rule is simple enough to understand had you read it.

    5 ) Post Your Own Work
    If your pal is an awesome artist, then encourage him/her to sign up and post the art him/herself. Don't post artwork on someone else's behalf and demand critique.

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