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[WAR-White Lion]No I do not always have sex with my lion

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Do not be deceived by the rugged beauty of Chrace, for behind that serene mask lies a beast like none other. No, no I speak not of the War Lion but of its White Lion master whose will can bring such a beast to heel!"
- Kitharl Woodwalker, Huntsman of Chrace

This, is the White Lion thread.

White Lions are unique, in that they have no direct mirror class in Warhammer. As such, they play a bit differently. Here is some copy pasta.

The Elves of northern kingdoms are a hardy folk, self sufficient; they live in the wilds of the northernmost coast of Ulthuan. The land of Chrace is a bulwark against invasion and her hunters prowl the woodlands for Dark Elf raiding parties, spies and assassins. It was one such hunting party that saved Caledor the First from certain doom at the hand of an assassin's blade. These hunters became known as "White Lions". A name taken for their fierceness and courage in battle, and the pelts earned by slaying a great White Lion in single combat. Deeply attuned to the natural world the Chracian hunter do not kill the white lions out of hand, and the greatest of their order have been known to raise a cub into a powerful War Lion trained to savage their foes on the field of battle.

Playing as a White Lion
Playing a White Lion is all about synergy between the hunter and his savage beast. Both the White lion and the War lion are strong individual fighters, however it is when they work together that they truly become a fearsome foe. Through careful training the White Lions of Chrace train a War Lion up from a cub, hunter and beast learning and growing together. How your charge is trained is up to the individual; some may train their lion to stand side by side with them on the field of battle taking down multiple foes in a flurry of axe and claw. Some War Lions are trained to be savage fighters, drawing attention away from the White Lion and his allies so they can strike an opponent's undefended flanks. Particularly courageous White Lions stride into battle, drawing attention to themselves while their feline partner lies in the shadows ready to leap from behind!

White Lion Masteries
Path Of the Hunter
White Lions who choose the path of the Hunter embrace the ways of the wild and fight shoulder to shoulder with their War Lion. The two stride into battle side by side in a balanced assault that is capable of spreading damage around to multiple targets with ease. This path requires the least amount of Master & Pet coordination so damage against a single foe is lessened.

Path of the Axeman
White Lions who choose this path focus on the Mastery of their fine woodsman axes, preferring instead to use their lions as distractions as they approach from the side or Rear. The path of the Axeman requires good coordination with your War Lion or your group members so you can be allowed to strike from an unguarded flank.

Path of the Guardian
White Lions who choose this path focus on diverting attention from their War Lion or Group members so that they can do maximum damage. The path of the guardian does not directly increase the White Lion's own defenses significantly but focuses more on reducing his opponents damage output and distracting them from the War Lion or individual group mates.

Now that you have the copy pasta. I will get to the meat and jibblies.

White Lions are the damage numbers. THE damage numbers in RvR and PvP in general for Order. Why you asked? Because they do not get focused to all hell, considering they wear meduim armor, and do Medium amounts of Pure DPS, which makes them what you would call a "Bad" DPS target. They won't focus you, because a Bright Wizard does more damage and is more squishy, a Witch Hunter is the same, healers heal the mans, and idiots just plain hit tanks, leaving you and your lion to happily wade through pools of the best blood.

Okay, so, how do I use this goddamn Lion

Excellent question itallics words, and I will tell you. The Lion is the best thing. They suppliment your damage, give you access to buffs, and provide pushback on sorcs and healers just enough so that they have to kill it.

It dosen't listen very well, but it's a goddamn lion. It does what it wants to do. You just give it guidance on what to do.

So what do you do with it?

Well, for starters, if you want to see the ridiculous overall numbers, put it on the opposing tank. Tanks live forever, so it will freely plink away, snare, and burn the shit out of his armor for the entire fight, as well as give you a sizable amount of the damage numbers.

Later on, you get a few excellent mastery abilities that you an use in your tactics slot. One increases the damage you do when your lion is not out by 25%, and the other gives you a 50% damage increase for 15 seconds after your lion is killed. I am not sure if you can use both of these at the same time, however, both now give you the option of sending your pet in on a suicide mission to annoy the opposing healers/sorcs, and increasing your Personal DPS by a metric shitton.

Okay,So, what the hell should I do with this Gigantic Axe

Excellent question split personality in my head. This is the two step plan.

Find tank.

Rape faces with tank.

I know, sounds boring. But a tank is your best freind. Your ABSOLUTE best freind. Alone, you do not do enough damage to kill a healer outright, even with your lion. And breaking formation just leads you to eating a pile of dirt all by your lonesome. But with a tank, you both become a raping machine only capable of killing(and sex). I cannot stress enough how much this helps. Occasionally you will have a War Priest right beside you and then you form Voltron, and win the game.

What stats should I get


This is my own personal experiance, but, SURVIVE. Wounds with a splash of toughness should be just as much of a priority as Strength, since your main goal is to be survivable enough to discourage anyone from hitting you for extended periods of time, so you can continue to pain train your way to glory. An INT set would come in handy if you are protecting healers and a million blood crazed witch elf sluts are craving the flesh of your healers, and of course, a Pure Strength/Weapon skill set for the PVE's and becoming a rape machine when your pet dies is cool too.

Play around, you'll find a set that fits your playstyle.

How i mine 4 fish

There is no fish. No fish at all. Now discuss the awesomeness of beastality.

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