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[Phalla] G&F Versus the Interesting 8 - [End Day] Beastmen, dozens of them.

GumpyGumpy There is alwaysa greater powerRegistered User regular
edited October 2008 in Critical Failures
Gumpy and Friends versus The Interesting 8

This is a Phalla. For information on Phalla in general, check the main thread.

Some sort of plot

Years ago, this world was part of a galaxy, which in turn was part of the universe as a whole. It was the height of human civilization, as we spread amongst the stars, encountering fellow space faring races, and exploring the great unknown. Wars between these races occurred, but alliances were made and everything just sort of worked. There was no great change in the balance of power, and a person could live their life more or less free from misery. It was an ideal time to be alive, when everything was possible.

And then the heavens exploded.

Countless gods, many of whose existence was not even known about, clashed for some prize of unimaginable worth. Light clashed with dark, order with chaos. The very elements that formed nature were at each others throats, each divine being attempting to secure its own existence by annihilating all that would threaten it. At the center of this battle was an organization. This organisation fought alongside the forces of chaos, and were a key part in the eventual chaotic victory. But as the flames died down and the surviving gods of order surrendered, they struck again. Their chaotic allies were crushed in a devastating betrayal.

The Interesting 8 had risen, and they now controlled all. No other god could match their new powers, and as a single group they crushed any hope for a new revolution in heaven. A dark shadow settled over all creation.

But this war had lasted generations of mortal lives. While the skies burned with magical fire and the stars themselves blinked in and out of existence, we did not sit back and wait.

We built warfleets. Hundreds of them. Every world that we had touched became a shipyard. Our mortal allies followed our example, the Robotic Collective and the Beastmen being the two other major powers. As the Interesting 8 sat back to observe our prize, we launched our assault.

But what success can we have against the divine? What can we do against the heavens? Can you destroy a god by firing enough lasers at it? Prey that we can, because you do not want to dwell on what we forfeit if we fail in this task.

The sixth armada, a collection of three different fleets, defends earth. Mortals across the galaxy clash with the armies of the 8, but the battle above earth is different. It seems that the 8 themselves are taking a personal interest in the destruction of the planet. It is this battle that will decide the future of possibly everything.

Basic Info and rules

This will be a normalish Phalla. You will have a good majority, and you will have an evil minority. There are no conversions, but nothing else is promised.

This game is open for 60 people. If too many reserves sign up, I may make the game slightly bigger. If not enough people sign up then I'll feel slightly bad about it. Could anyone who got a spot reserved for them still sign up so I can see that you're around. To sign up, just say !Sign up. Doesn't have to be lime, different colours may have an ingame affect. Maybe.

Votes in Red for the person who you feel should have the combined wrath of a very large space fleet fired at them, and while not nessecary, retractions can be made in Lime.

Normal rules are in affect.

You may not communicate regarding the game with someone who is dead, unless there is some specific mechanic in place to do so. In that case, the mechanic will explain what it involves.

You may not use any anonymous method of communication to discuss the game. Forum-based PMs, external IMs, and e-mails are allowed as long as the person you are talking to knows who you are.

You may not use screencaps to "prove" anything to anyone.

Throw any proboard links my way.

1: sportzboytjw - Interesting something, voted down
2: TheLawinator
3: Ryadic - beastman leon, melted by inactivus
4: Infidel - Interesting 8, felled by mortal hands
5: El Skid - Human Traitor Admiral, resisted arrest
6: Burnage
7: Minigunwielder - Human Spy, taken out by a gamble.
8: Exarch
- Human Captain - {shot down by lasers}
9: Egos - Human Admiral, vaporized by godly lasers of DEATH
10: The Reflection - Interesting [something], destroyed by voting process
11: Freeagent - Human Captain, absorbed the wrath of "Inactivus"
12: Quoth
13: WildPanth05 - Robotic Queen Type, voted down
14: DevoutlyApathetic - Interesting 5, found by the Airsharks
15: Crimsoncoyote - Patriot Human Captain, also caught in magical space lightning
16: Thetheroo
- Traitor Rook Type, ALPHA CANNON'D
17: Zot - Human Captain, sunk
18: Nion -
19: Tehsloth
20: Frostmist - Member of the 501st Airsharks, blown apart by the combined fire of the fleet.
21: Stew_Stick
22: MundaneSoul
23: Toxic Toys - Cyber
saur, missiled
24: Rainfall - Patriot Beastman member of the 501st Airsharks, shot down via laser fire
25: Sheep have wool
26: Grundlterror - Interesting 9, ABSORBED THE ACTUAL WRATH OF INACTIVUS
27: Macguffin - Robotic Queen Type, magical godlike lightning
28: Bwanie
- Interesting [something] - blasted apart by fighters
29: Maximus
30: Bliss 101
31: Dr.Funkenstein
32: PotU - Human Ace, shot down. Twice.
33: Araski
34: Warban - Human Spyship, also black hole'd
35: Romantic Undead is on Cyan Fire
36: Obbi (replaced Lightrider)
37: Delroland
38: lonelyahava
39: FunkyWaltDogg - Robotic King Type, eaten by a temporary black hole
40: real_pochacco
- COLOROUS, {chopped into tiny pieces by laser fire}
41: cj iwakura - Plutonium the Betrayed, was finally found by the 8
42: Shamus
43: Goose! - Interesting 7, ate delicious missiles.
44: BobCesca - Cyber
saur, sliced in half by laser fire
45: Visiblehowl - Knight Type, shot down by the fleet
46: Jester313 - Silicon knight, talked too much for some peoples tastes

47: weatheredclown [/B]- Patriot Knight Type, did not quite do enough to stop INACTIVUS claiming him
48: Varcayn - Robotic Bishop Type, vaporized by godly lasers of DEATH
49: Ianator - Patriot Bishop type, crushed by a magical space storm
50: Unearthly Stew - Beastman Alpha, betrayed

Clarifications will be posted here when they are made.

Days end at 10 O'Clock GMT

American Time? 5.00 PM EST

Night 1
Night 2
Night 3
Night 4
Night 5
Night 6
Night 7
Game end

Gumpy on


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