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Warhammer Online: 1.01 goes live tomorrow!



  • OatsOats Registered User regular
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    WAR is really weird for me right now.

    My internet fucking flies, my computer didn't notice the guild hitching and keeps are fun stuff. However, whenever I try to do anything, I'm quite literally about 5 seconds behind the server.

    Trying to cast stealth? I'll be invisible in seven seconds.

    Trying to stab someone who is running? I don't know they've started to run yet. I have no idea why this is. Every other server anywhere I connect to is amazingly fast, unless Mythic is running it.

    Help me.

    Help me play WAR again.

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  • AegisAegis Not Quite TorontoRegistered User regular
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    Aegis wrote: »
    * Fixed an issue that was allowing players to use the "Pounce" ability without an enemy target. The ability now requires an enemy target to jump towards.

    YES. God yes. <3 Mythic

    Hurray, now Destruction ALWAYS gets the bauble first in Tor Anroc!

    Working as intended!

    Fuckin... I won't disagree Pounce should've been fixed. But COME ON, fix the damn map too. Destro ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS gets to the bauble 4-5 seconds before Order does if they have a Marauder with half a brain. Even SOONER if that marauder has his own standard.

    I don't care about getting to the flag faster. Most of the time, this results not from terrain distance but from the fact we usually have guild pugs running Tor Anroc and one of them (usually myself) brings their standard out for the speed boost. I've seen Order rarely bring out their standard for the same effect.

    It's mostly fixing the fact that as soon as a White Lion grabs the bauble he becomes invincible unless you destroy the rest of his team first (which isn't going to happen), as the major component to ridding oneself of the bauble carrier is to utilize the lava which he can just laugh at.

    There's no Destruction class to my knowledge that had a get-out-of-lava-or-avoid-knockbacks-entirely-free card.

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