Because we didn't see him at PAX

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So MC Chris is going to be playing in Santa Cruz. I have my tickets, who else is down to see him play?

Who: MC Chris

When: Oct. 18 Doors open at 8pm; Show starts at 8:30pm

Where: The Catalyst (Santa Cruz, CA)

Price: $15 Pre/ $20 at the door (may sell out like before, so buy now.)

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    If I was in California I'd go, but I'm in Arizona still.

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    Hrrm, a Saturday. That might be doable...

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    I *think* that's what I meant to say...
  • dyaballikldyaballikl PAX Main Theatre House & Security Manager • PAX Community Cartographer Gold Coast QLD AustraliaRegistered User regular
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    if i was in california, i still probably wouldn't go. mc chris is a traitor.

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    i got to see MC chris the thursday directly after pax on the reggie and the full effect tour that he had to pass pax to be on... and it was fricken amazing!!! i even wore my MC chris <3s pax shirt and he was pretty bummed that most of us didn't get em until after pax was over

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