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Forgive me if this is the incorrect place to post this, but I have been a fan of PA for so long, I had to share it some how.

_ALONE AGAIN: The E for All Expo was started with the idea of giving regular consumers the chance to check out the latest video games before they hit stores. But after two years, clearly the show isn't getting the job done. Sony and Nintendo didn't even show up at this year's Expo, and The Associated Press reporters who trekked down to the Los Angeles Convention Center said there were very few as-yet-unpublished games in sight.

It's not like there isn't an audience for such an event. The fan-friendly Penny Arcade Expo drew 45,000 gamers to Seattle in August; that gathering has become so big that its founders are starting an East Coast version in 2010. If E for All's organizers can't get the industry's big hitters to play along, it's probably time to cede the territory to PAX.

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    heh E4Alone

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    You were a fool to play this, the most dangerous game.

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    Googleing "" the first site you get is a dental care site. IF you google just "e4all" the first site is an article on kotaku.

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    The problem is that there's really no niche for E4All. At this point, TGS is sucking up all the media oxygen in the gaming world.

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    Yeah, I don't have any animosity toward E4All, I just think founding it was a poor business move. I don't think they realized that the reason PAX is here is because it's not a money-making venture.

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    Between TGS and PAX, there is no real space for EforAnnoying.

    And nothing of value was lost.......

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    Lol Viscountalpha so well put.

    To think they could have been another excuses to go out and party with fellow gamers. But then again they would have to put aside being douche bags. Oh well.

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    LMAO. Can't get any better than that!

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