Arrowsmith: So Smart in Their Fine Uniforms

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I just bought this trade off ebay - having never heard of it before, but a fan of Carlos Pachelo - and thought I would see what other people thought about it. Doesn't seem to be a well known book though.

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    An OP with any information whatsoever might spur more discussion!

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  • BlankspaceBlankspace __BANNED USERS regular
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    I love this story.

    WWI Europe+Magic and Monsters= Fun times.

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    Well I was wondering if anyone else had heard of the book, and what they thought about it. As Blankspace said it's and alternate WWI m&m story. Fantastic artwork (better than what CP did on Avengers: Forever). Until a few weeks ago I hadn't even heard about it.

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    I think I have this somewhere. It's written by Busiek, right?

    I remember enjoying the realistic WW setting mixed with magic wielding soldiers.
    I just can't really recall the full storyline. I'll try finding this when I get home from work.

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    Arrowsmith was fucking awesome.

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    Anyone hear of any plans for a sequal? Also, does anyone know anything else in a trade that Pachelo has done?

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    I freakin' LOVE Arrowsmith! I hope to zombie jesus that Busiek is making more.

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    I got confused there for a second. I thought you were talking about an Aerosmith comic, where Aerosmith fights WW1 with magic, and that kinda blew my mind.

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    "The series is set in an alternate history Earth in which the United States is actually the United States of Columbia, magic is real, and the First World War is fought with and by dragons, spells, vampires and all other kinds of magical weapons and beings.

    The story follows the protagonist, Fletcher Arrowsmith, as he joins the war effort on the side of the Allies, gets taught the rudiments of sorcery and engages in some brutal battles with the enemy Prussians."

    As far as a second series : In 2006 Busiek stated that he and Pacheco hope to produce more Arrowsmith projects.[1] Busiek and Pacheco are working on Arrowsmith: Far From the Fields We Know, an illustrated prose novel that focuses on Fletcher Arrowsmith in a Prussian prison on a secret mission for the Allies.

    Personally I loved this series and really hope we get to see more. This was one of the many amazing books that really got looked over which is sad.

    If you haven't read this yet stop slacking off and go get it.

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  • jkylefultonjkylefulton Squid...or Kid? NNID - majpellRegistered User regular
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    This is probably my favorite Kurt Busiek book, after ASTRO CITY. I'd love to see it come back, but I'm guessing that it doesn't quite pay as well as his DC gigs.

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  • falconirefalconire Registered User regular
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    Still, a little known, but amazing book.

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