Did anyone else win Far Cry 2 and not get it yet?

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I did the whole texting the number to the ubisoft booth and it said i won so i went to the booth and they got my address and my phone number and said they'd ship it out when it hits retail. I havn't recieved my copy yet neither has my buddy who also won. I went looking on the fourms of ubisoft and looks like others havn't recieved it either. I can't find who to contact. I would like to play the game, i was a huge fan of the first one and i was gonna go buy it but then i won it at PAX so i was good to go... hopefully i get it soon. Does anyone know who to contact about this? PM me or leave it here either way.


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    they're all being shipped from shanghai via rickshaw. it could take a few more days :D

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