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Hiya, figured that since most everyone on here would be playing WotLK I could ask this in here and get some feedback. I just started this game back up with the new expansion yesterday after not playing since early February. At that time I raided a lot and was in Shattrath really often. I was able to have Max settings and get 60 - 85 FPS even in really heavy raiding (only had the AA down to 2x instead of 4x during raids to keep the FPS steady).

Now though I'm playing a DK in Outlands (and even in the starting DK area) and am getting sub 20 FPS, but usually hovering around 18 FPS. I tried looking around on the WoW Tech forums and all I see is a bunch of people having the same problem with rigs that are more beefy than mine is and the blues just ignoring them. Seeing how out of hand that place normally gets I figured at least one person on here may know something and could give some suggestions.

I'm not asking for my high FPS again (would be nice though), but anything to get near 30 - 45 FPS would be wonderful. I am currently using a computer with these specs:

Core 2 Duo 6300 @ 1.8 ghz
3 GB DDR2 RAM (Four sticks, 2 1GB and 2 512 MB) All four are PC 6400 DDR2-800s
2x GeForce 7600 GT 256 MB (using only one for WoW since SLI seems FUBAR at the moment)
P6N-SLI nForce motherboard

If you would like my dxdiag info I've got that too. Just don't feel like making a huge post here.

Thanks in advance to anyone looking at this.

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    WotLK virtually doubled the draw distance, which if you still have the setting on max in options, it would kill your FPS. The 7600 isn't an amazing card, and 1.8ghz is a bit on the low side.

    Also, check if you have shadows turned up at all. Turning it down to the lowest (old setting) increases fps dramatically on older systems like yours.

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    I just bought this last year... but yeah, I see your point. I'll try that, but still wonder why I get amazing performance out of WAR but not out of WoW.

    Thanks a lot though for replying!

    edit: I guess I need to either upgrade my card or wait until Blizz patches in dual core support (and SLI support).

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    Why not just halve the draw distance and get it to what it used to be?

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