First experience with wacom [nsf56k]

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I've been lurking the AC for some time now. Reading, and looking at other's work had struck an interest in a more digital aproach to art and drawing. So I signed up for some digital art courses to take myself out of the past and step up a little bit. These two were done in Photoshop CS on a Wacom in the Digital Art studio at school. I know they are far from perfect but I was hoping to see what I did wrong or right. As I really do not know. I take criticism constructivley, even if extremley harsh, so don't hold back. Not that any of you usually do anyway.

This was inspired a little by JGR.

And this, well I just love Sacred Hearts...


Heres the same heart minus the blue. Better or worse?


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    The second one would totally make a great t-shirt design

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    Thats actually just a drawing of a tattoo I have, minus the words with added wings. But yea, I might actually try to polish it up and print it on a shirt. Hell, I may even send ya one.

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