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Oh, morals... girl thread.



  • PreacherPreacher Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    Rent wrote: »
    Preacher wrote: »
    Smurph wrote: »

    I'm sure you would feel differently if it were your ex. Yes it is ok to date friends exes, but depending on the situation you should consider the consequences. If my girlfriend of 4 years left me today and I hear she is dating my friend next week, I will not be okay with that. If the girl I dated for a month and a half did the same thing, I probably wouldn't care.

    Why does it matter? You aren't dating her? And she moved on to someone else. If your friend was a good guy wouldn't you think that was a good thing?

    It implies that
    1) She was or was thinking about leaving you for this friend
    2) He helped caused the breakup for some poon
    3) She was wasting your time when you could've been dating other people
    4) She was dating you out of convenience (I know girls who HAVE to have a guy on their arms, and'll drop their man the instant something better comes along, sometimes ruining years-long relationships)
    That is why it is not okay with a lot of people

    All of that sounds like severe insecurity on the part of the former boyfriend.

    Preacher on
    I would like some money because these are artisanal nuggets of wisdom philistine.

  • KyleWPetersonKyleWPeterson Registered User
    edited December 2008
    When you date someone for a long period of time you develop a very specific type of bond with that person that doesn't just go away when you break things off with them. Even if I break with a girl it is still difficult to see her around with another guy later on, and I can't imagine how ticked I would be if I saw a friend of mine with an ex, especially if they weren't man enough to talk to me about it first.

    KyleWPeterson on
  • PreacherPreacher Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    So as not to derail this thread further I have started a d&d topic.

    Preacher on
    I would like some money because these are artisanal nuggets of wisdom philistine.

  • GrundlterrorGrundlterror Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    Hey guys, thanks for all the advice in this thread. I am in the camp where I think the break-up has been long enough (a year or so) that it really is between herself and me. I'll talk to him about it, but I think he's the kinda person who wouldn't really mind that I'm doing this, but doesn't want to talk about her for any reason because he 'hates her' since she cheated on him. But like you guys said, better from me than from someone else.

    I've decided not to pursue anything with this girl for several reasons, I never wanted a relationship with her in the first place and the amount of hassle of doing this really isn't worth it. While I do believe that since so much time has passed there isn't reason to be upset, I just don't want to feel like 'that guy' and would rather pursue relationships that have more meaning to me than just a fuck.

    Thanks again (sup Preacher!) you guys are the best. This should be an interesting D&D thread.

    Grundlterror on
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