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Hey sorry to post a little off topic, but I really hope someone will read and give me some advice in here. So I'll get right to it. I recently achieved my dream of working in Japan. Still, I'd like to get cracking on achieving dream #2, working on video games in Japan. I am a Digital Arts graduate, and fluent in Japanese. But currently I am living in a rural city, which makes it difficult to meet people in the industry.

I was hoping one of our PA badasses could help me find other English speakers working in the Japanese Game Industry, or a website that has alot of information (suchas upcoming conventions, and whatnot.)

If someone happens to possess some knowledge on this subject, I am sure that many more than myself would find this info interesting, and it may just help this little dreamer take another step forward. :roll:

Thanks alot! I welcome any advice!

Pylon :D
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p.s. I'd post some drawing, but I don't have any webspace at the moment to attach to a link to this message.

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    Wow, uh....totally the wrong forum for this.

    Rules Thread's over here.
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    edit: Forgot to add, "oh God another weeaboo fag in my country."

    edit2: That was mean. So I'll point you to the proper forum for Help and Advice aptly named, Help/Advice Forum.

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