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We meet again for the first time

Nate GravesNate Graves Registered User
edited March 2005 in PAX Archive
So, at last we meet again for the first time for the last time.

Well, if you're planning on going to PAX, you're hopefully going to see a lot of people here (or maybe not, depending on how much you like them), so I'd like to start putting names with a few faces so I can recognize you guys (or forget and ask anyway) at the festivities.

This ends up just translating to 'post ur pix plz kthxbai', but I haven't met a lot of you (being that I missed last year :( ), so it seems like a sensical idea to me.

And do you want people to call you by your handle on the boards, or your name? The guys I play with in the dorms actually call each other out by their Halo handles so often that I know half of them by those names. I just recently found out Squeakers' (UchihaSqueakers if you're on Live) name, and it feels strange calling him by it.

Mine's easy. I am Nate Graves (I'm also a huge fan of Castlevania, but that's my real name)

Pictures of me:

(Bigger version of my avatar)

And because you can't really make out my face in the first...there is a huge possibility that I will be wearing a suit. I love suits.

Nate Graves on


  • Dorktron9000Dorktron9000 Registered User regular
    edited March 2005

    Taken about a year ago by my ex. I was saying "don't take my picture, bitch"

    Dorktron9000 on
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