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Child's Play CD, Program and chance to donate by proxy

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I don't see a Child's Play area here, so this seems to be the closest place (I always think of PAX and Child's Play as yin and yang, or opposite sides of the same coin).

We have been big fans of Child's Play (and PAX) since the beginning, and we've attended all of the charity auctions. We typically donate to the hospitals after the event, and this year is no different - except that we spent a little more at the silent auction than we had planned on, so we're capping our donation at $100.

Each week on my site, I give away a different prize - usually something of low to moderate value, but that I hope someone will really enjoy. This week is a little different. You still can take home a prize (the cool nerdcore CD we paid $10 for at the Charity Auction Tuesday and the auction program), but also get the chance to make a difference by picking the hospital and even the items I'll donate this year:

Go ahead - what do you have to lose? Nothing. And lots to gain, particularly if there's a needy children's hospital nearby.


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    Sorry, but this isn't the right place for this.

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