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Moe's Stupid Technology Tavern: AWESOME POST in "A/The Cell Phone Thread", by Centipe

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Fine, jerkface.
Forum: Moe's Stupid Technology Tavern
Post: A/The Cell Phone Thread
Posted by: Centipede Damascus

Original Content:
RoundBoy wrote: »
Verizon Shens

I was very glad I just dropped Verizon because of all this, and I got me an iPhone. I love the crap out of this phone... it does everything I have ever wanted a phone to do for years. The only drawback is syncing the main calender w/ google calender.. but i can live with that.

Sure I pay for the data plan, but now being nickle and dime'd everytime i want to use an app or feature is a HUGE plus. This is the phone Jesus will carry when he comes back in 2012 (lol mayan calender ftw)

I disagree. Jesus loves open source.

I mean, just look at his hands.

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