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Portable malware + ipod

Samir Duran DuranSamir Duran Duran Registered User regular
So it seems I've got a sweet new portable app on my ipod nano: badware portable.

Basically it seems to be operating from a subfolder of a hidden read-only system folder called RECYCLER, and edits my autorun.inf to do... something. Here is the text as of now:

action=Open folder to view files

I assume the above is meant to launch ise32.exe when autorun runs, yes?

Anyway it also creates files with similar names that look like windows apps:


And of course, everything associated with it is system hidden read-only and the files are recreated the moment they are deleted.

Now I would think portable walware would be a lot easier to combat but I'm just lost here, for starters I need to know how to delete that folder and if doing so would uproot this thing as I think it might.

Does anyone have some familiarity with this or do i need to provide more info?

Samir Duran Duran on


  • thegloamingthegloaming Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    Your music's on your computer, right? A full reformat (of the iPod) will probably get rid of your problem.

    thegloaming on
  • ben0207ben0207 Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    Best way to be rid of it would be to first make sure your PC is clean, then to restore the iPod in iTunes, as that includes a format. Or to be sure, format it yourself as a drive then get iTunes to repair it.

    ben0207 on
  • Samir Duran DuranSamir Duran Duran Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    I'm considering doing that but I thought I'd see about killing the thing first since it doesnt have a registry to help defend itself with.

    Samir Duran Duran on
  • wunderbarwunderbar What Have I Done? Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    just format it. it'll be easier, and quicker.

    wunderbar on
    XBL: thewunderbar PSN: thewunderbar NNID: thewunderbar Steam: wunderbar87 Twitter: wunderbar
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