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    Super god computer that can do anything

    More or less

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    Jacobkosh wrote: »
    By the way, I am fucking flabbergasted that nobody has mentioned the triumphant return of
    I did like that moment myself. Amongst an army made up of Supermen from the Multiverse, the GLC, and Zauriel and his angel friends, Nix took time out to bring the Zoo Crew back. Nice gesture on Morrison's part. Hopefully they also get their Earth back.

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    With all this whataya do with the main series, what happened in Revelations?

    I'm not certain if you're asking for a spoiler here or not, but this is a real spoiler for Revelations 5 in case you were wondering:
    Renee and Huntress are holed up in the church with a fading Radiance. They realize that if they don't take action soon, her power will fail completely and they will be overrun by Anti-life zombies.

    Renee and Huntress charge headlong at Cain and his minions with the intention of getting the spear back. Huntress ends up covering Renee and facing off against a zombiefied Catwoman and Batwoman while Renee challenges Cain.

    Cain stabs Renee in the stomach with the spear which allows her to get in close enough to him to take it from him by force. She then uses the power of the spear to return Crispus Allen's ghost to the Spectre.

    Crispus accepts his charge as the Spectre with a new understanding. He finally sees himself as more than God's hitman, as God's murderer. He understands that he's the last line of defense against spiritual enemies such as Cain.

    Radiance heals Renee after the spear is cleansed.

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    I only read FC, with no tie-ins, so the whole thing was pretty much a collection of scenes and dialogue that didn't gel between issues. I see now I have to read all the tie-ins to 'get it', but I can't see myself doing that for awhile.

    I'm just happy that
    Captain Carrot is back
    the Multiverse didn't disappear

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    Someone make a new thread, and maybe tone down the nerd rage that seems to be wanting to pop up.

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