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  • FatimusPrimeFatimusPrime Registered User
    edited November 2008
    Getting it today, thanks Razer! I going to recommend Razer all the time now.

    FatimusPrime on
  • AthelstanAthelstan Registered User
    edited November 2008
    Hey, I just got my mouse. I see nothing about returning the old mouse. What do I do with it?


    I read the thread and I get to keep the old one. HFS! That is too fucking cool.

    Athelstan on
    I know statistics, but I'm still disappointed that I'm average.
  • PaleCommanderPaleCommander Registered User
    edited November 2008
    I received mine in the mail. Recommendations to anyone who will listen!

    PaleCommander on
  • dyaballikldyaballikl PAX Main Theatre House & Security Manager • PAX Community Cartographer Gold Coast QLD AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited December 2008
    Just got my replacement today! huzzah!

    i was away at school, and my dad got the mouse back at home and forgot to let me know about it. then, after i'm home for a few days, he finally remembers. anyway, it works great and lights up beautifully. in fact, it's a bit too bright. i gotta see about disabling that scroll light, it's way too bright for dark gaming sessions, distracting and all that :D

    dyaballikl on
    a.k.a. dya
    "Riding a mongoose reminds me of having sex with a man, which is something I do frequently because I am gay!" -Gabe
  • PikaPuffPikaPuff regular Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    I... I guess now would be enough of a window to think I'm not getting one?

    PikaPuff on
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