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Mixing Video Cards?

Captain VashCaptain Vash Registered User regular
edited February 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
I have 2x 19" monitors running on my 9800gt right now,
I just bought a 42" television and want to buy a 22" widescreen monitor,

So what I would like to do is buy myself an ati 4870 to provide dvi out to my 22" and hdmi out to my 42"

My motherboard has 4 pci-e 16x slots, and only supports xfire.

I'm not looking to bridge the cards together or anything, I just want to know if an ati and an nvidia can play nice together in the same computer.

Captain Vash on


  • BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    Mixing should work fine however you will not get the full benefit of the multi screen driver tools e.g. short cuts to move windows and stuff will work better with graphics cards from just one chip company.

    I would say try and most likely you will be fine but it depends on the usage or rather the need for multi screen tools - it may be you wont miss them..

    BlindZenDriver on
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  • Captain VashCaptain Vash Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    thanks for the advice.

    I'm thinking since I need all four dvi ports and cannot sli or xfire anyways it may be in my interest to stick to nvidia in that case.

    Captain Vash on
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