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Stamp Collecting

Katchem_ashKatchem_ash __BANNED USERS
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Who does this wonderful hobby?

I got into stamp collecting way before Anime, Manga or even Videogames where in my mind. I was 7 years old, and my parents set me up with this hobby. They first bought me a writing pad and glued stamps to it and told me that this was my collection. So every day when my father came back from work, I would wait for his stamps and glue them.

Soon I transfered them by using water to remove the glue and used actual stampbooks. I also was given my father's collection and my grandfather gave me his. It was cool and I still have some pretty old stamps from aound 1918's and such.

I still collect them and my mission with this is to collect every country there was and is and have at least 20 different types of them. Its actually pretty good since I have the stamp books divided by continents and most have 2 or three books dedicated to them.

So who here stamp collects as well?

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  • elkataselkatas Registered User regular
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    Wrong channel, I think? :)

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    Hypnotically inclined.
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    Whoops, I think it is. It should have been in D&D. If a mod can close this, I will post it there.

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    Honestly, I don't know that you really want to make a stamp collecting thread anywhere. :P

    Maybe a general hobby/collection thread...

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