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[Upcoming] LotR:War of the Ring

OctobotOctobot Registered User regular
edited March 2009 in Critical Failures
Anyone interested in the Games Workshop release the War of the Ring coming on April 4th?

Its a new battle game using the 25mm Lord of the Rings minis and is said to be similar to Warmaster and WHFB. A copy of the quick start rules can be found here.
It comes in the form of a 328 page full colour book with all the needed information for all the factions/units available.

Main differences from the LotR Strategy Battle Game (LotR:SBG) are that its meant to be a much larger scale battle system than the older skirmish based rules so they have gone to grouping individual units on movement trays (8 infantry/2 calvalry units form a company which are then grouuped into formations), the addition of a charge phase (with a D6+movement value charge), Unit Facings, etc.

Not sure how popular the LotR:SBG is with people, but i really enjoyed the rules and played many games, most of which were too large to be easily played with and took too long, so i am really looking forward to this new iteration. So anyone else here play/played the LotR:SBG? anyone going to get the new War of the Ring book?


Octobot on


  • WildcatWildcat Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    I've never played the current LoTR game, but I must say that War of the Ring has piqued my interest. I may be looking into it.

    Wildcat on
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