Easter Eggs?

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Ok this isn't really an easter egg .... but has anyone rolled the dice in ep2 enough times to roll a 1 (I believe)?
There must be more I figured I'd see if anyone else saw this though ;)


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  • WillethWilleth Registered User regular
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    If you get a one again it just jerks back to the first frame and repeats. I don't think it does if you get a 20 twice, though.

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  • SpEnTBoYSpEnTBoY Registered User
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    is the first frame when the knife on the wall flies off and hits the guy in the head? :D ... when I roll a one thats what happens

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  • ScaryRyuk411ScaryRyuk411 Registered User
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    In my xbox, I get a 1 by holding down X, IDK if it works on others...

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  • waffle12waffle12 Registered User
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    Nope, never rolled a one, but im gonna try now.

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  • xbskidxbskid Registered User
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    The result of rolling a 1 can be done repeatedly, however the result of rolling a 20 can only be done once, unless you exit the agency screen.

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