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I've lurked in this forum for a while, admiring the art and laughing at the (brutal) critiques. I just recently graduated from film school and I got my first gig shooting a music video (pro bono, but whatever..) I figured I'd post it here and see what you guys thought. I have another video coming up, and any feedback would be stellar.

here is the YoutTube version, but if you can, watch the vimeo link below instead... It just plays smoother for some reason.

Here is the link.


Thanks for taking the time to watch it.

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    To be honest, I didn't like the song that much, so I don't feel like you had much to work with.

    Now here is your compliment sandwich:

    I really liked the shot selection and the soft focus elements along the sides of the frame, it complimented the tone and style of the song. I felt the beach/waves imagery was fitting for the style of the song.

    However, the slow melodic styling was jarred by what appeared to be unintentional shaky-cam. I understand how hard it would have been to get a dolly or crane or something on those rocks, but there were other shots, both still or dollying, that I felt were severely broken by how shaky the footage was.

    In addition to that, and this is a nitpicky thing, in some of the shots, specifically the high contrast close-ups of the singer, the scruff on his neck was very distracting because his other features were so washed out. Either get him to shave better or use makeup to cover that up for those types of shots. Breaking that purity hurts the shot. While directing the singer, explain to him that he has to sell his singing a little more. I know it is subdued in many aspects, including the vocals, but he has to pretend like he is enunciating what he is singing. It helps sell the viewer on the singing.

    Lastly, I think the wave sounds bookending the video were a bit redundant. I think it was sold in the visuals and the music supported it and we didn't need it so explicitly.

    However (sandwich), I think your framing was solid, and you showed a good variation in shot collection. It looked good, which is obviously a large part of your job. If the HD version ever finishes loading, I'll watch it again, because it is pretty, and I think you accomplished that well.

    I'm curious, because there are some elements in there of movement, like the story is him getting to the water and being denied his ability to swim. I'll have to see it again, but I think I'd like to see more of him getting there.

    Maybe I'd just like a different song in there.

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    Oh, one more nitpick...

    the shots against the brick wall were way too red in tone in comparison to the rest of the composition. There's nothing saying you have to stick to a specific color palette, but it looks like you were specifically shooting for a blue hue, and those shots stick out a lot.

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    Yeah, the shaky cam was really bad, and I cleaned it up as much as I could and retain quality. Until people start paying me for these things, I'm stuck with a crappy (Circuit City) tripod. Luckily, the next shoot is in a hospital, and not on Galveston's rock wall during spring break.

    Thanks for the crit about the brick wall, too. I guess I went project blind while doing it, and after seeing it with fresh eyes, I realize how that throws off my blue palette I was going for. It's too warm for the video. I really appreciate you taking time to drop some feedback!

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