"Weird Western" Character Designs [NSFW]

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So, in my spare time I've been working on a western comic book retelling of A Fistful of Dollars combined with The Temple of Doom. It hasn't got a title, but it does have a bunch of notes in my notebook, and I've been busying myself coming up with interesting characters. Here they are.

I'm not a photographer, and I don't own a scanner, so please forgive me. Also, I'm a new user, so if I've broken some rule that I missed when I read through the rules thread feel free to yell at me.

First, we have Flynn, the main character. He was inspired partly by Dick Tracy, partly by Elvis, and of course Clint Eastwood.


Then there's our villain, the Prospector. His inspiration was a combination of Snidely Whiplash/Daniel Plainview/the Grim Reaper. I kind of want his character to play out that way in the book, as well.


The Prospector's accomplice is a kidnapped alchemist who he's used to drug an entire town into a zombie-like state, so he can use them to toil away as free labor in the mines. he's been planted in the town as the New Sheriff.


The Barkeep is the first person Flynn meets in the story, and acts as sort of an omniscient sage type character. I totally screwed up the guy's hand, but I didn't see the error until I was already penning it.


The blind train conductor is a fairly minor character so far, but still distinctive. I purposefully made him the only character with eyes not obscured by shadow.


I drew a generic Mexican bandit when I was first coming up with the idea of this comic. As of now I'm not sure they'll even be in the story. This and the conductor are probably my least favorite drawings of this collection.


At the end, through a pretty convoluted plot device, a sect of zombie miners previously thought lost end up summoning the Hindu goddess of death and pestilence, Chamunda. This one's a WIP, but she's getting there. Here's where the NSFW bit kicks in a little.


So there we go. Knowing me, this project won't ever see completion, but for right now it's a fun diversion. I haven't been able to come up with a decent title yet, but that's not something that needs worrying about.

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    Interesting. Love the arms on chamunda, i'd re-do the face though. She could be a great character.

    I have no idea where you are going to go with the story line haha

    Have a watch of Deadwood to get some inspiration ;)

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    Yeah, I screwed up in a few places on Chamunda; I'm not overly satisfied with her head, and all of her right shoulders look dislocated. I think I was a little overwhelmed.

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