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It is springtime and that means it's time for the PA:AC to frolic in the meadow that is my artistic shortcomings! Enjoy

This first one is a ~4h oil painting of a model. The aim was (is) to get the feel of the volumes, but with a stylized touch. Some feedback and touchup tips would be really nice!


The scond one is more of a wip. The broken spespective on the mask of the right guy is intended, to give him a catoony kind of feel. Except that try and find as much a you can!


I'm sorry for the crappy camera, but this is the best i can do (the are too big to fit in my sacanner) and thank you for taking your time to look at my pictures.

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    The guy on the right reminds me of those old Monkey Island games. :^:

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    I think the cartoony feel of the skull mask doesn't jive terribly well with the head that's behind the mask. They look like parts of separate images that were combined. also, it looks like the mask should be set further back on his head. I love the look of the mask itself, though.

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    I'm kind of new to the oil painting scene, but looking at your first picture I kind of feel like you're not taking full advantage of the medium's strengths. When I first looked at it, I honestly thought it was watercolor. I think the problem is you're not using enough paint.

    You mentioned that your goal was to get the feel of volume, but it doesn't really convey in your image. My guess is the lighting, though I don't really know what kind of lighting your model actually had--it seems like volume would be better portrayed with much higher contrast; i.e., darker darks and lighter lights.

    In any case, good work though. Oils are a bitch and a half, but the results are extremely rewarding. Just don't be afraid to put paint on the canvas, because that's where oils shine. (/pun)

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