Help me do WoW right this time. Wrath of the Lynch King

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I have had the game since day one, however, I have always had the worst gear. Gear so bad groups would not take me half the time. If they did they would kick me out saying my dmg sucked and I was useless :(
I only had a decent guild twice that would raid and get gear. This was back in the Molten Core days.

Here is my gear if it will load..

I just don't know what I have been doing wrong to have the worst gear ever...

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    Character Data Unavailable

    This character profile is currently unavailable, due to a long period of inactivity or as a result of high server load.

    You haven't played your character in a while, so it has dropped out of the Armory.

    Anyway, you should post this in this thread over here.

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    Your gear doesn't look too bad for level 70. Aside from the chestpiece. That said, you're going to replace all of that in Northrend. The leggings might last you to 80.

    On your way to 80, be sure to do every instance quest you can. Right off the bat, there's a couple for UK, and three or four for Nexus. All of them reward high-quality blue items that will help you stay geared while levelling. Plus there's whatever drops in the instance.

    Once you hit 80, there's a few ways to gear up. You've clearly run heroics before, but you have a few options.

    Minimal grouping - Concentrate on gaining rep and crafted gear. Upgrade your alchemist stone to start with, then check something like this for rep upgrades, also look to save money for good crafted armor.

    Some grouping - Heroics! Get drops and badge-turn-ins for gear. This will also help your rep a lot, via tabards.

    Raiding - Run Naxx. Loot epics.

    Edit: Rep list sorted for mage-usable only. <3 wowhead

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    I also don't know if you realize this or not, but you're not going to go straight from hitting 80 to walking into Naxx. Start running NORMAL level 80 instances to gear up (use Atlas Loot Add-On to see what drops where) and then after that start running Heroics for gear you need. THEN you get to go to 10 Man Naxx. Also, yes, the rep items. Check the Quartermasters for what you need and wear the appropriate tabards into the level 80 dungeons for the rep you need.

    And yeah, there's not reason you should be wearing that chestpiece at 70. That Robe became garbage at level 61 much less 70.

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    You need to start by understanding what stats give you the best return on your item budget. It's easy to do an acceptable level of DPS when you're wearing a full set of 213s; when you don't have immediate access to that gear, you have to prioritize stats and min-max for damage.

    It is completely possible to build a competent, even excellent, intro raid set out of ilevel 200 blue drops, boe stuff, quest rewards, and pvp gear. I just did this on my shaman, and without raiding much at all I built a set that lets me step into any contemporary raid and do an acceptable (not excellent, but acceptable) level of DPS. But you have to understand how your class works and commit to doing it at the expense of other things.

    Your robe, for example. You probably passed up a half dozen upgrades just from quests on your way to 70. I would've kicked you from a raid at 70 too, if you were wearing that. You're gemmed for mp5; why?

    This stuff isn't fundamentally complicated; every DPS class has been modeled mathmatically by people who are truly smart who have for some reason decided to devote their time to the study of a silly game. ElitistJerks is an excellent place to start.

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    Don't be mean to the noobs. Especially when they know they're doing something wrong and asking for help.

    Telling him he needs to learn to understand is a ways from helping him to understand.

    That being said, this post has quite a bit of information on how to arrange talents and prioritize gear.

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    I'm not being mean; I don't play a mage, so I'm not really in a position to give detailed advice.

    The most important attitude adjustment to make as someone getting into raiding is to realize the game is fundamentally about numbers. Once you make that leap and understand how you should prioritize stats, it becomes a lot easier to gear up.

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    I honestly believe that, if you play right on your way up to 80, you can jump right into heroics. Especially as a DPS. If you've been running dungeons and doing group quests, have (as a result) mostly blues with a green or three, and know how to play your class to its potential, there's no reason not to start with heroics.

    This isn't TBC, heroics aren't nightmares. Hell, most groups don't even CC if it would slow them down.

    But yeah, this is all good advice for getting good gear, and for good advice on playing a mage, there's the mage thread.

    EDIT: Lynch King? Really . . .


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    There is an upgrade to th chestpiece he is wearing from one of the first quests in Hellfire Peninsula at level 60.

    Shadowcast Tunic from The Foot of the Citadel - Quest

    You don't even need to know anything about being a mage to be able to see that the pretty green numbers are better on one item than on the other. is a good place to go. Head to their forums, look for the mage specific forums, and read the basic DPS guide there.

    edit: additional notes. There is four trinket upgrades in Outland on the way to 70, all of which you seem to have passed over.
    Cruel's Intentions rewards Vengeance of the Illidari

    A Spirit Ally? rewards Ancient Crystal Talisman

    The Vengeful Harbinger rewards Ancient Draenei Arcane Relic

    Torgos! rewards Terokkar Tablet of Vim

    All of these trinkets are upgrades to both your Power Infused Mushroom (which is only good for solo levelling and even then not very good), and your Philosopher's Stone which is a level THIRTY FIVE trinket.

    I honestly can't explain why you might not have picked these up...while two are group quests, one of them is not, and the two group quests are ones that are done quite often, and were done a lot more often around when you say you levelled up.

    If you are looking for the reason why you have bad gear, it is because you seem to pass up obvious upgrades for seemingly no reason. This is the reason you get kicked out of groups. Having bad gear when you first hit max level is excusable. However, this is not traditionally bad gear, as there are significant upgrades to a lot of things that you are wearing long before max level.

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