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Deep Question, Think Seriously...

HokutoseiHokutosei Registered User
edited April 2009 in Debate and/or Discourse
Here's a great deep question to stimulate some deep thought(s), or so I hope, just for the sake of it being so.

I was recently talking of certain things with some of my friends. One of the things that found its way into the conversation was the discussion of how we had gotten to this point in our lives, why we had gotten here, and where we hope to go. This of course led to the question that I now present to you DnD. Think seriously about it, the answer my be simpler, or more complex, then you may intially think.

So here is the question:

Are you Happy?

This can be seen in many lights. The simplest of these is the immediate meaning you are right now, presently happy. Then there is of course the more complicated shades where you get into the intricacies of your life, meaning are you happy with your life as it is now. Then there is the other shades, such as, what is happiness?

I intend to answer this question myself, but perhaps I will await a response or two to see if this truly did stimulate anything.

If nothing is impossible, then would that not mean that it would be impossible to find something that is impossible?

"It is not enough that I succeed, all other must fail." -Genghis Khan
Hokutosei on


  • ElJeffeElJeffe Moderator, ClubPA mod
    edited April 2009
    How about you try again and answer the question yourself in the OP, rather than treating us like monkeys here for your amusement?

    ElJeffe on
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