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I'm looking for a commercial. To the best of my memory, it was for a travel website. I think it was on Fox (44, if it matters - not that I'm sure it was on this channel to begin with).

It had 3 scenes, the first was a man and a woman dressed in winter clothing getting into a car, only to realize their windshield is frozen over, at which point they scream.
The second scene eludes me, but it was also winter related.
The third scene was a woman at a computer who had a window in front of her depicting a street that reminded me of the Godzilla movie. She was looking gloomy because of the winter weather outside. She then finds whatever travel website this commercial was for on her computer, to a very goofy and over the top look on her face.

I realize it's a longshot, but I haven't been able to find it.

Second commercial:
There's another one i vaguely remember of someone cleaning their car in the winter, only to have a snow plow undo all their work. Maybe I'm pushing my luck here? =p

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